The Evolving World of GUNDAM EVOLUTION

Pilot units from across the Gundam Multiverse in high intensity 6 vs 6 objective based combat!

  • High-speed Combat

    Utilizing a unique Boost System, accelerate into action as you take on the battlefield

  • Strategic Team Shooter

    Cooperating with your teammates is the key to victory in these 6 vs 6 team battles. Use each unit's unique attack and support skill loadouts to lead your team to victory!

  • A Constantly Evolving World

    The world of GUNDAM EVOLUTION is always evolving with a continuous flow of new maps, units, customization items and game modes to explore.

Unique Units from the Gundam Series

Take control of iconic Mobile Suits from the anime, each with their own unique weapons and abilities.

  • Unit-exclusive Skills

    Turn the tide of battle with a unit specific G-Maneuver and loadout of unique skills. Proper timing and coordination is the key to victory.

  • Unit Customization Options

    Personalize your Gundam experience like never before with unit and weapon skins, emotes, stamps and more!

Four Strategic Game Rules

GUNDAM EVOLUTION has four game rules: Point Capture, Domination, Destruction, and Headquarters. Familiarize yourself with each rule's win conditions and head off into battle with a strategy in mind!

  • Point Capture

    Battle in Attacker and Defender teams for Objectives on the map

  • Domination

    Battle for 3 randomly unlocked Objectives on the map

  • Destruction

    Aim to destroy or protect Objectives on the map in Attacker and Defender teams

  • Headquarters

    In each round, teams contend over an objective area and then the enemy's core

*Content still in development.

This title is free-to-play. Hop on your platform of choice and plunge headlong into the fracas!