"Season 2 Mobius"Release Notes[Updated 11/30 ]

  • PlayStation®
  • XBOX
  • PC

[Updated 11/30]We have fixed a number of issues during the November 30, 2011 maintenance. For details, please refer to the "Bug Fixes" section of this announcement.

Season 2 Mobius is almost upon us!
This notification will introduce you to the various elements available from the start of Season 2.

Season 2 Period

■ PC
After the 11/29/2022 maintenance - before the 2/1/2023 maintenance

■ Consoles
11/30/2022 5:00PM (PST) - before the 2/1/2023 maintenance

*The period may change.

New Units

Nu Gundam

Nu Gundam joins the fray in Season 2 Mobius!
A unit made for mid-range combat, specializing in shooting with its Beam Rifle main weapon and Fin Funnel Active Skill.  

Read the Season 2 Mobius balance patch notification for more details.

New Maps

Colony Trading Post (Destruction Mode)

The Colony Trading Post has been added as a Destruction mode map.
Shutters and conveyor belts are placed around the map, altering sight lines as the match forges ahead.  

Additional Custom Match Features

Custom Matches get even more features in Season 2 Mobius.
The following features have been added to make custom matches even more enjoyable.  


A feature letting you enjoy custom matches as a spectator.
You can change the number of spectators in Room Settings.  


Set a Coach for each team, letting them watch from each team member's perspective during the game.
You can toggle your Coach slot in Room Settings.  


This feature lets players pause the game during custom matches.
Activate this in Room Settings to use this feature from the Options Menu.  

Toggle Room ID Display

Show or hide the Room ID displayed on a room screen.

Notes of Attention

Custom Matches are only available on PC for Season 2. Please wait for updates regarding the implementation on consoles.

Change Player Name Function

You can now change your Player Name from [Player] > [Player Info].

The first time is free, but subsequent changes will require EVO Coins.

Notes of Attention

The Change Player Name function is only available on PC.

Ranked Matches: Season 2

Rating/Matchmaking Adjustments

With Season 2 on the horizon, we have implemented various adjustments to the rating and matchmaking systems for ranked matches.
Read the Season 2 Mobius balance patch notification for more details.  

Distribution of Season Reward Titles

With the start of Season 2, ranks and ratings from Season 1 have been reset.
For PC players, we will distribute new titles to Season 2 Mobius as rewards, based on your final rank results from Season 1.  

Titles will be applied at your first login during Season 2, and you can choose a title to set from your inventory from Title from the Player tab. As mentioned previously, players who logged in during Season 1 will be given a special title sent separately.

Season 2 Mobius Season Pass

What is a Season Pass?

All players in GUNDAM EVOLUTION will have a Season Pass corresponding to the season.
By meeting requirements such as playing matches and completing challenges, you can get Season Pass EXP that increases your Season Pass Level at certain intervals, offering access to various rewards based on your level.  

You can use EVO Coins to upgrade your Season Pass into a Premium Pass, offering access to extra rewards for each level.

Season 2 Mobius Season Pass Premium Pass rewards include the legendary unit skin "Active Resonance" for Nu Gundam, up to 990 EVO coins, and other customization items.
*EVO Coins, which are needed to upgrade to a Premium Pass, will become available on consoles after the 12/1/2022 maintenance.  

Season 2 Mobius Season Pass Period

During Season 2

Notes of Attention

See here for Season Pass explanations and notes.

Item Sets

The new item set Unit Pack "Mobius" appears in Season 2!

Unit Pack "Mobius"

In this pack, you can unlock the Nu Gundam unit, and obtain customization items such as a Unit Skin, Weapon Skin and Portrait.



Sales Period

End of 11/29/2022 maintenance onward.
*A notice will be sent before the end date is set.  

Content for Sale

▼Unit Unlocks
• Nu Gundam

▼Unit Skins
• Nu Gundam (Another Code)

▼Weapon Skin
• Nu Gundam (Another Code)

• Amuro Ray (CCA) Ver. 2  

Notes of Attention

  • The Unit Pack "Mobius" includes a unit unlock. Note that if you purchase it and have already unlocked the included unit, there will be no substitute items nor points granted.
  • See here for item set explanations and notes.  

Supply Pods

What are Supply Pods?

Open these to get random custom parts.
You can get each type of supply pod by using its specified in-game currency, such as EVO Coins, Capital, or Supply Pod Tickets.  

Limited EC Pods

EC Pod Mobius arrives in Limited EC Pods at the start of Season 2.
Gain access to exclusive custom items for units such as Nu Gundam and Sazabi.  

Sales Period

End of 11/29/2022 maintenance - before 12/26/2022 maintenance
*Sales periods may change.  

Exclusive Items Overview

▼Unit Skins
• Exceed Horizon (Nu Gundam)
• Gravity Chaos (Sazabi)

▼Weapon Skins
• Exceed Horizon (Nu Gundam)
• Gravity Chaos (Sazabi)

• RX-93 Nu Gundam
• That didn't hurt!

• Pixel (Nu Gundam)  

Notes of Attention

Limited-time items may appear again at a later date after sales close.

EC Pods

EC Pods feature multiple items such as Unit/Weapon Skin "Royal Vanguard" for Nu Gundam!

Sales Period

End of 11/29/2022 maintenance - start of 12/27/2022 maintenance
*Sales periods may change due to circumstances.  

Some Featured Items Overview

▼Unit Skins
• Marine Camo (Nu Gundam)
• Royal Vanguard (Nu Gundam)

▼Weapon Skins
• Marine Camo (Nu Gundam)
• Royal Vanguard (Nu Gundam)

• ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos
• You won’t get away!

• Image Training

▼Player Icons
• Nu Gundam Ver. 2

• Beam Tomahawk Throw (Sazabi)  

Other Supply Pods

CAP Pods and Ticket Pods are also refreshed, so check "Item Provisions" for each Supply Pod in-game for details.

Notes of Attention

  • See here for explanations and notes on EC Pods and featured items.
  • Some Supply Pods may contain featured items.
    Featured items have a higher chance to appear than other items of the same rarity and category.
    For details on probability, check the featured section of ""Item Provisions"" on the Supply Pod page in game.  
  • The following items will no longer appear in the "Limited EC Pod" after the 11/29 update.
    ▼ Unit Skins
    "City Camo"(Unicorn Gundam)

     Weapon Skin
    "City Camo"(Unicorn Gundam)

    "RX-78-2 Gundam"

    ▼ Player Icons
    "Haro (Pixel)"

    ▼ Stamps
    "I’ll give it my best!"

    ▼ Ornaments
    "Haro Charm"

    *The items may possibly reappear in the future.  

Material Point Exchange Items

The "Pale Rider (Space Design)" unit skin will appear for Pale Rider, and the "Gundam Barbatos (Second Form)" unit skin will appear for Gundam Barbatos in Season 2 Mobius.

Unit Skins
「Pale Rider (Space Design)」
(Pale Rider)

Unit Skins
「Gundam Barbatos (Second Form)」
(Gundam Barbatos)

Exchange Period

After the 11/29/2022 maintenance - before the 2/1/2023 maintenance
*The period may change due to circumstances.
*Available items may reappear in the future after the period ends.  

Console Version Official Launch Celebration


  • PlayStation(PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4)
  • Xbox( Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One)

Event Period

During Season 2

Event Details

There will be an in-game event to commemorate the service going live for consoles.
EXP points are boosted after casual and ranked matches, making it easier to gain Player Levels.
The increased amount differs based on result items.  

Result Item

Award Condition


During Event

Match EXP (Victory)

For Victory



Match EXP

For Loss/Draw




For MVP Awarded



First Daily Victory

For First Victory (once per day)



New Live Service Areas for PC

New PC live service areas will be added after the 11/29 maintenance.

New Service Areas

India, Vietnam, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic

Other updates

  • Optimized the display of portraits to make them lighter.

Bug Corrections[Updated 11/30 ]

  • Sometimes Gundam Barbatos cannot use Mace (Sweep) after using the Long Sword.
  • Fixed a problem in which the G maneuver gauge remained unconsumed when a "Dom Trooper" was destroyed immediately after activating the G maneuver.
  • Fixed a bug in which the G maneuver was sometimes canceled when the same unit launched again at the same time as the G maneuver was activated.
  • When you receive duplicates of a new item in a Supply Pod, it doesn't show Material Points for the extra item(s).
  • Fixed a bug in which a blank topic would appear having it displayed after a match has been made and returning to the home screen.

For details on the currently confirmed issues, please refer to the "Issues" list.
If you run into any of the aforementioned issues after the fix, we kindly ask you to inform us through the "Contact" page.  

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*Content still in development.

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