12/20 Notification of Maintenance[Updated 12/20 9:00PM PST]

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[Updated 12/20 9:00PM (PST)]

Maintenance is now finished.
We appreciate your cooperation with our maintenance efforts.    

GUNDAM EVOLUTION maintenance will be performed on the following time and date.
The game will not be accessible during maintenance.

Maintenance Schedule

12/20/2022 4:30PM - 9:00PM (PST)(Scheduled)
Matchmaking for Casual and Ranked matches will be suspended 30 minutes before maintenance starts.

Maintenance Details

Adjustment of Game Rules
  •  The installation and deactivation times of destructive weapons in the "Destruction" rule will be changed as follows.
    ・Setting time: 3 seconds → 4 seconds
    ・Disarming time: 5 seconds → 4 seconds
    ・The disarming time was longer than the installation time, and although the design was slightly in favor of the attacker, the ratio of extended battles was higher than expected. By adjusting the installation and release time, we aim to improve the balance between the attack and defense to reduce the ratio of extended battles.
  •  The time limits for "Point Capture" and "Destruction" and the additional time for acquiring the first area will be changed as follows.
    ・Point Capture
     ・Time limit: 300 seconds → 240 seconds
     ・Additional time: 180 seconds → 120 seconds
     ・Time limit: 300 seconds → 270 seconds
     ・Additional time: 210 seconds → 150 seconds
Adjustments to Certain Units

We will implement the adjustment mainly due to a bug, and many other balance adjustments will be implemented separately during the maintenance scheduled for 12/26.

▼Marasai [UC]
 ・Sea Snake Ensnare
  The projectile speed has become slower since the Season 2 update, and will be corrected to the previous parameters.

 ・Napalm Grenade
  The hit detection of the projectile has been reduced to correct a problem where the projectile would hit a wall when in close contact with a wall or when thrown into a tight space.

▼ Zaku II [Melee]
 ・Large Heat Hawk (Slash)
  The damage to devices and units that have been disabled will now be adjusted to "400".

Other updates

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause, and appreciate your cooperation with our maintenance efforts.

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