"Season 2 Mobius" Unit & Matchmaking Adjustments

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Release date

December 27, 2022 (after maintenance)

Adjustments to Existing Units

Please also refer to the adjustments applied during the maintenance on December 21.

Balance Changes


Gundam Shield

Durability : 1,000 → 400

  • We will lower the Gundam Shield's durabilty due to it's high usage rate, win rate, and K/D ratio in higher rank bands, as well as a lack of units that can effectively counter it in 1 on 1 fights.

Hyper Hammer

Cooldown : 9 sec → 11 sec

  • In an environment with fewer melee units and more units that can use shields, the Hyper Hammer poses a serious threat, so we will be limiting the timing at which it can be used.

Dom Trooper


HP : 1,200 → 1,100

  • The Dom Trooper is not an outstanding performer, but it has a high K/D ratio and is difficult to destroy, giving it a high win rate. Since its main weapon allows it to easily ambush enemies from behind, we will lower Dom Trooper's HP in order to account for its other strengths.

Gundam Exia

GN Beam Dagger

Damage : 115 → 95
Headshot multiplier : 2x → 1.7x

  • We will reduce the damage of Gundam Exia's strikes to bring down the total damage of its combos and mid range attacks.
  • We refrained from adjusting the ranged attacks too much considering that the unit must be able to hold its own somewhat at long range as well. But we will consider possible adjustments to damage dropoff, attack and reload speeds based on future trends and feedback.


REN-DO Grenade

Maximum Damage: 270 → 220
Minimum Damage: 100 → 80
Detonation Range from Enemy: 180 → 140

  • We believe that widening the detection range of the REN-DO grenade has improved its usability, but there were some situations where the grenade struck even when a user thought they had avoided it, so we will slightly reduce the detonation range in order to not make it too easy to land a hit. Additionally, since the damage after our previous rebalance was higher than expected, and the ability for users to control space was stronger than anticipated, we will be adjusting these areas as well.

REN-DO Grenade (Rush)

Maximum Damage before Splitting : 230 → 200
Maximum Damage after Splitting : 180 → 150
Minimum Damage after Splitting : 80 → 70
Detonation Range from Enemy : 20 → 140

  • Since the purpose of the G Maneuver is to control space, we will strengthen it by increasing the detonation range while reducing the damage.

Nu Gundam

Beam Rifle

Damage during deployment of the Fin Funnel Barrier has been made equal to its normal state (160 → 177)

Matchmaking Adjustments


Adjustment of matchmaking logic for Ranked Matches

The following adjustments will be made in order to reduce queue times and make it easier to find matches.

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