Announcing the GUNDAM EVOLUTION Pilot Academy

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What is the Pilot Academy?

Greetings, Pilots.

We’re excited to announce the GUNDAM EVOLUTION Pilot Academy!
Beginning January 7, 2023, teams will be able to compete in community-run Academy Events to battle for bragging rights and a spot on the Pilot Academy Leaderboard.
At the end each season, the top teams will be invited to the next GUNDAM EVOLUTION Showdown.

Do you have what it takes? Read on to learn more!

Pilot Academy Format

Between January 7, 2023, and March 26, 2023, teams will be able to compete in approved community tournaments for points and a spot on the Pilot Academy Leaderboard.

At the end of the Pilot Academy season, the top 6 eligible teams on the leaderboard will be invited to the next GUNDAM EVOLUTION Showdown.
Additionally, after the conclusion of the season, an open Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) will be held for the remaining teams. The top 2 eligible teams from the LCQ will also be invited to the next Showdown.

We will be sharing more information about the next GUNDAM EVOLUTION Showdown soon.

How to participate

To participate in the GUNDAM EVOLUTION Pilot Academy as a player or a tournament organizer, you must first register on and connect your Twitter account. This step will ensure that your team’s points are validated and calculated correctly.

Once they create their event on, community Tournament Organizers will be able to apply for their tournament to be recognized as an official Academy Event.

Players can browse the Pilot Academy Hub to see the schedule of approved tournaments. Find a tournament, register your team and you’re ready to compete.

Want to take part in the GUNDAM EVOLUTION Pilot Academy? Learn more by checking out the Pilot Academy Hub where you can find helpful guides for players and tournament organizers.


Note: You must be a legal resident of the United States to participate as a tournament organizer or a player in the Pilot Academy tournament series. We plan to continue to expand the list of eligible regions as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned to @GEvoEsports on Twitter for updates.


How to Earn Points

Points are awarded depending on the number of entrants per event. There are 5 levels of Ranking Points awarded for Academy Events and they begin at just 4 entrants! Your best 4 Academy Event results count towards your team’s Leaderboard ranking.

32+ Teams

24+ Teams

16+ Teams

8+ Teams

4+ Teams

1st: 200

1st: 150

1st: 100

1st: 70

1st: 25

2nd: 150

2nd: 100

2nd: 70

2nd: 45

2nd: 10

3rd: 100

3rd: 70

3rd: 45

3rd: 25

3rd: 5

4th: 70

4th: 45

4th: 25

4th: 5

4th: 1

5th: 45

5th: 25

5th: 10

5th: 5


7th: 25

7th: 10

7th: 5

7th: 1


9th: 10

9th: 5

9th: 1



13th: 5

13th: 1




17th: 1





All eligible Pilot Academy participants will also be awarded 10 x Supply Pod tickets after the conclusion of the season.

Tournament Organizer Incentives

Are you an aspiring tournament organizer who is excited to contribute to the growth of the GUNDAM EVOLUTION competitive scene? The Pilot Academy is a chance for you to make a name for yourself and show the community your skills at hosting tournaments.

In addition to being recognized as hosting official community tournaments, tournament organizers who host at least three (3) successful Academy Events will earn exclusive GUNDAM EVOLUTION swag! We’re excited to share more details about this in the coming weeks.

Follow @GEvoEsports on Twitter for the latest updates on the Pilot Academy and other GUNDAM EVOLUTION Esports programs.

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