PlayStation®Plus / Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription Bonus

  • PlayStation®
  • XBOX

Thank you for playing GUNDAM EVOLUTION.

We are gifting bonus items for console players subscribed to PlayStation®Plus or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate!
*Eligible for players subscribed to PlayStation®Plus or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and have logged into GUNDAM EVOLUTION from that platform's account.  

Subscription Bonus Item Overview

▼ Unit Skin
・Raider Pink (Nu Gundam)  

▼ Weapon Skin
・Raider Pink (Nu Gundam)  

・Blue Earth  

▼Player Icon
・Guncannon Close-Up  

How to Claim

■ PlayStation®
After subscribing to PlayStation®Plus, purchase the GUNDAM EVOLUTION Subscription Bonus from the Item Page in the PS Store and it should appear in game.

After subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, follow the steps below and the bonus should appear in game.

  • Go to XBOX Home, select Game Pass, then the perks menu.
  • Select the [GUNDAM EVOLUTION Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Bonus 1], then select [Claim].
  • Select [Redeem code] when it appears.
  • The code is automatically entered, so select [Confirm code].
  • It will jump to the confirmation screen, so select [Confirm].
  • "Download Successful" will appear, then press [OK]. The items should appear in game.

*You cannot access the PlayStation® nor XBOX store from within the game, so please access it from your console page or a website browser.
*Note that these will be distributed directly into your in-game inventory and not sent to your Present Box.
*Subscription Bonus Items can be claimed for free.  

Available Period

■ PlayStation®
1/12/2022 ~ 1/3/2023 (PST)

6/12/2022 ~ 5/2/2023 (PST)

*Available periods may change due to circumstances.


  • The download can only be claimed once per account.
  • The items can be shared between PS5™ and PS4®, as well as between XBOX Series S|X and XBOX ONE.
  • Present eligibility cannot be transferred to another account.
  • If the Terms of Service and User Agreement have been violated, the present will not be distributed and your account may be suspended.
  • Contents may change without prior notice.
  • The items in this bonus set may reappear in other campaigns.  
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*Content still in development.

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