"Season 3 DEFENCER" Balance Adjustments

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  • XBOX
  • PC

Effective Date

Effective after the end of maintenance on February 1st

Adjustment of Existing Units

Adjustment Details

Zaku II [Ranged]

Smoke Discharger

Using the skill will restore one bar of the Boost Gauge.

  • Since both the usage rate and win rate have been low, adjustments will be made to improve mobility and survivability.


The usage rate of Asshimar has been lower than that of other medium-range units.
The unit's skills will be adjusted to make it more powerful in the air against groups of enemies.

Charged Shot

Cooldown: 11 seconds → 7 seconds

Napalm Grenade

Damage per Hit: 17 → 22

Turn A Gundam

Overhead Throw

Damage: 400 → 250

  • The burst damage from the Overhead Throw and Beam Rifle was high, so this adjustment will be made to give units in the 800 HP range more time to break away.


In order to improve its abilities against melee units, GM's HP and the knockback range of its Shield Bash have been increased.
The length of the Shield Bash skill animation will be slightly lengthened in order to reduce its versatility against ranged units.


HP: 800 → 900

Shield Bash

Knockback Distance: 1,500 → 1,800
The skill animation will be slightly lengthened and the animation will play through until the end, even if it hits early.

Marasai [UC]

The combo capability of the Sea Snake (Ensnare) will be reduced, but its utility in a team will be increased.

Sea Snake (Ensnare)

Cooldown: 10 seconds → 6 seconds
Damage: 350 → 10  

Fedayeen Rifle (Beam Blade)

Damage: 350 → 300
Knockback Distance: 750 → 1,200
Stun Duration: 1 sec → 1.1 sec  

Sea Snake (Shock)

Activation Threshold: 8,300 → 7,500  


Since the balance adjustment in December, both damage and win rate have been lower than expected, so we will improve the detonation range of the REN-DO Grenade slightly.

REN-DO Grenade

Detonation Range from Enemy: 140 → 160

REN-DO Grenade (Rush)

Detonation Range from Enemy: 140 → 160

Zaku II [Melee]

The following adjustments will be made to improve performance when activating Zeon’s Rage. The amount of points required for activation will be slightly increased, but the return when activated will be greater.

Zeon’s Rage

Amount of points required to activate Zeon's Rage: 4,000 → 4,500
Duration: 10 seconds → 12 seconds
Damage during Activation:
 ・Large Heat Hawk (Slash) : 180 → 200
 ・Large Heat Hawk (Shockwave): 350 → 400
 ・Guard Tackle: 350 → 400

Nu Gundam

Beam Rifle

Movement speed will no longer be reduced during while Nu Gundam uses its Sub Action.
 ・Forward & Sideways Movement: 380 → 530
 ・Backward Movement: 300 → 430

  • Due to its large size, Nu Gundam takes a lot of hits, so we aim to reduce the rate at which it gets hit by increasing its movement speed.

Rule Adjustments

Changes to overtime rules in Point Capture and Destruction

  • Teams that meet all of the following conditions will lose the right to go on offense in overtime.
    The team that loses the right to go on offense will lose the game when 25% of the objective in the first area has been captured.
     1.When the team was the only team to go into Extra Time on the second objective.
     2.When the time remaining for the opposing team on the second objective was over 1:30.
  • If the score is 4-4 at the end of overtime, overtime continue. Thereafter, the progression will be divided as follows according to the points earned by both teams at the end of even-numbered rounds.
     ・If both teams have an odd number of points (5-5 or 7-7), the match will be a draw.
     ・If both teams have an even number of points (6-6 or 8-8), overtime will continue.
      ・If the teams are still tied at the end of 10 rounds, the match will be a draw.

Under the current rules, a tie is declared when the score is 4-4, even if there is still time remaining. This has caused players some dissatisfaction. Therefore, we have made a change to the rules where as long as both teams have remaining time, overtime will continue.
Additionally, in situations where there is a large difference in the remaining time, as a way to reward the winning team and to shorten match times, the team with less time will lose the opportunity to go on offense.  

Matchmaking Adjustments


Matchmaking Area Integration

The four matchmaking areas of Japan, Asia, North America, and Europe have been merged to "Asia (Japan and Asia)" and "North America and Europe" areas.
The purpose of this change is to make matchmaking more reliable. We will continue to monitor and improve the situation in order to create a more reliable playing environment for all players.    

Ratings Adjustment for Master Players

After a player reaches a Ranking of Master (4,200 Rating+), the rate at which players gain or lose points will decrease in proportion to how high their rating is. Master players can expect ratings change to be smaller than before.
This adjustment was made to address the issue of some top players not being able to join matches due to their extremely high ratings.  

Other Adjustments

  • The location name UI will now become transparent when it is overlaps a unit during a match.
  • The remaining time for each team will be displayed clearly at the start of an overtime round.
  • Aim Assist (console version only) has been adjusted so that it works on disabled units.
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