"Season 3 IGNITION" Balance Adjustments

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Effective Date

March 8 (after maintenance) (PST)

Adjustment of Existing Units

Adjustment Details

Pale Rider

Since the Season 2 update, the number of units wielding shields has increased, leading to a lower win rate for Pale Rider and more situations in which it cannot take down its opponents.
We have increased the number of rounds in Pale Rider’s magazine and enhanced the minimum damage of its hand grenade to give it the power it needs to defeat these tough opponents.
We have also increased the rate at which its Repair Pod can heal damage, allowing it to better sustain itself in longer firefights.

Bullpup Machine Gun

Magazine Capacity: 24 → 30

Repair Pod

Amount Repaired per Second: 120 → 200
Cooldown: 16 sec → 12 sec

Hand Grenade

Minimum Blast Damage: 150 → 200

Zaku II [Ranged]

Similar to Pale Rider, Zaku II [Ranged] has suffered from the increase of shield-wielding units. With Unicorn Gundam's passive skill buff (listed below), we feel Zaku II [Ranged]'s issues will be further exacerbated.
In order to combat these issues, its magazine size will be increased and the cooldown time for the Smoke Discharger will be lowered.

Zaku Machine Gun

Magazine Capacity: 28 → 30

Smoke Discharger

Cooldown: 15 seconds → 13 seconds

Gundam Barbatos

Long Sword

Stun Time on a Direct Hit: 1.5 seconds → 1.2 seconds

  • This adjustment will make it harder for players to land the Mace (Smash) after a direct Long Sword hit.


Repair Cable

Amount Repaired per Second: 100 → 80

  • The amount of damage this unit deals has never been high, but the amount of repair it does has always been extremely high. This unit has been especially effective in high-rating matches so we decided to tone down its healing a bit.

Twin Shot

Bullet Size: 1 → 5


Asshimar's performance and win rate have increased greatly since the last update. In order to keep Asshimar closer to expectations, we will decrease its magazine size while maintaining its Napalm Grenade numbers.
We also feel that Asshimar's survivability was high due to its mobility, so its HP will be decreased slightly. Lastly, the amount of points required to activate its G-Maneuver has also been increased.


↓HP: 1,000 → 900

Large Beam Rifle

Magazine Capacity: 33 → 27


Number of Points Required: 6,900 → 7,800

DOM Trooper

DOM Trooper has been a tournament mainstay with its high usage rate, win rate, and K/D rate since Season 1.
We will adjust some of its numbers while maintaining its HP in order to balance it out.

Giga-Launcher DR1 Multiplex (Projectile)

Minimum Blast Damage: 150 → 120

Giga-Launcher DR1 Multiplex (Beam)

Damage: 50 → 44


Our intention in the last adjustment was to make GM strong against melee units, but it has become strong against all unit types.
We will return GM's HP to the previous amount while modifying its Shield Bash numbers and giving it a 50% damage reduction while the skill is active.
This should maintain its prowess against melee units while not causing it to become overpowered against other unit types.


HP: 900 → 800

Shield Bash

While Shield Bash is active, GM takes 50% less damge.
Cooldown: 4 seconds → 6 seconds

Marasai [UC]

Marasai [UC] has a low win rate and usage rate. In order to strengthen its combat ability, its main weapon's damage output has been increased.
Since this will cause its Sea Serpent (Ensnare) combo to do too much damage, the damage of the Fedayeen Rifle (Beam Blade) will be reduced.

Fedayeen Rifle

Damage: 227 → 240

Fedayeen Rifle (Beam Blade)

Damage: 300 → 260

Unicorn Gundam

Psycho-frame Resonance

Added an effect that grants armor (up to 100) when HP is at its maximum.

  • This adjustment has been made to make the Unicorn Gundam more effective when it has a team around it.
Nu Gundam

Though Nu Gundam's usage has been mid-tier, its win rate has been low. In order to increase its performance, we will buff its Fin Funnels.
And in order to help it get more Fin Funnel stacks, Nu Gundam's HP will also be increased.


HP: 1,200 → 1,300

Fin Funnels

Damage: 50 → 60
Cooldown: 7 seconds → 8 seconds

Hyperion Gundam

Beam Submachine Gun

Magazine Capacity: 40 → 32

  • Hyperion Gundam has had a high win rate. It is meant to be a defense-focused unit, but its damage numbers have been on par with offense-focused units. We will maintain its defensive powers while attempting to lower its offensive capabilities.

Matchmaking/Rating Adjustments

  • We will take into account how much impact a player has on a match when adjusting their ratings. We will continue to monitor the effects of this function and make periodic adjustments as necessary.
  • There has been a recurring issue in which players leave matches, causing their teams to lose or for the match to result in a low contest, disrupting gameplay for others. In order to discourage this, we have increased the rate reduction penalty for players that leave mid-match and cause their teams to lose. We have also reduced the rate reduction for the remaining players on the leaver's team. However, players who were in the same party as the leaver will have their rates reduced as usual.

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