"Season 4 BALLISTA" Balance Adjustments

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  • XBOX
  • PC

Effective Date

April 12 (after maintenance)

Unit Adjustments

Gundam Exia

Due to the previous adjustments and the enhancement of Unicorn Gundam's passive skills, the number of situations in which Gundam Exia can defeat its enemies has greatly decreased, causing both its usage rate and the win rate to be low. To counter this, its GN Sword (Rush & Slash) cooldown will be shortened to increase its damage output.

GN Beam Dagger

Damage: 95 → 100
Headshot Multiplier: 1.7x → 1.5x

GN Sword (Rush & Slash)

Cooldown: 10 seconds → 8 seconds

Marasai [UC]

Marasai [UC] is a unit that is meant to match up well against many other units, but both its win and usage rates have been significantly lower than expected. In an attempt to counter this, we will increase its HP and upgrade its main weapon, which shouldn't have too large an impact on its overall balance. We will also adjust the damage output of its Fedayeen Rifle (Beam Blade) to prevent its Sea Snake (Ensnare) combo from getting too powerful.


HP: 1,200 → 1,300

Fedayeen Rifle

Damage: 240 → 260

Fedayeen Rifle (Beam Blade)

Damage: 260 → 200


This unit's damage output has been satisfactory, but its win rate has been significantly lower than that of other units. We will improve its HP to make it more viable and rework the performance of its Toroidal Shield with Internal Mega Particle Cannon. We have also upgraded the Forward Flip Kick, as we determined it was not effective enough against approaching enemies.


HP: 800 → 900

Toroidal Shield with Internal Mega Particle Cannon

  • Reworked Performance
    The need to specify a target and the pause when aiming have been eliminated. Instead, the cannon will immediately fire a projectile in the direction of the reticle. The projectile will explode a certain time after impact, damaging and stunning units in range.

Cooldown: 10 seconds → 6 seconds
Direct Hit Damage: 100 → 200
Time from Impact to Explosion: 0.9 sec → 1.2 sec
Area of Effect: Slightly reduced to match the appearance of the effect

Forward Flip Kick

Knockback Distance: 1,100 → 1,800
Damage: 250 → 300
Cooldown: 5 seconds → 4 seconds

Nu Gundam

Nu Gundam's high HP and its main weapon firing rate made it a formidable opponent on the frontlines, and its usage and win rates were a step above those of other ranged units. To better balance it, we have slightly reduced the stats on its Fin Funnels and lowered the performance of its main weapon, while adjusting the difficulty of marking opponents. This helps us better align Nu Gundam to its original concept of using the main weapon to accrue marks on opponents, then activating the Fin Funnels to finish them off.

Beam Rifle

Damage: 177 → 150
Magazine Size: 12 → 10

Fin Funnels

Damage: 60 → 55
Cooldown: 8 seconds → 9 seconds
*The adjusted cooldown for "Fin Funnel" is only for regular use. The cooldown while the "Fin Funnel Barrier" is deployed will remain at 7 seconds.

Hyperion Gundam

Forfanterie's cooldown will be shortened to improve Hyperion Gundam's ability to land the final blow, since the unit's win rate has been a little low since the latest update.


Cooldown: 8 seconds → 6 seconds

Gundam Heavyarms Custom [EW]

Gundam Heavyarms Custom [EW] has high HP, but it lacks the firepower to defeat its opponents, so we will increase the damage output of its main weapon.

Double Gatling Gun (One-Handed/Dual Wield)

Damage: 36 → 40

Map Adjustment

Harbor City (Point Capture)

  • Area 1 Choke Point
    ・The terrain around the respawn area will be adjusted, and obstacles and repair packs will be added and their locations altered.
    ・The terrain in some urban areas will also be changed to make it less difficult to progress and to restrict snipers' lines of fire.



  • Area 2 Choke Point
    ・This area has been designed from the beginning with the assumption that the attackers would have a very hard time breaking through. However, there were only a few variations of units and G Maneuvers that could push past tough defenses, and there wasn't much room for deviation. On the other hand, some units such as Mahiroo were performing better than expected on defense. To counter this, we will expand the space available for attackers to approach in the ship area and increase the lines of fire that the defenders must be aware of. We also assume that break throughs will happen more due to the increase in points of entry for flying units.



  • Area 2 Target Area
    ・It has been easier to attack this area than expected, and we have found that defenders need to rely on choke points.As a result, we believe it is necessary to make this area more easily defendable along with adjusting choke points. We will reduce the size of the target areas and add obstacles to the high ground to make it easier for teams to defend.



Ministry of Defense (Destruction)

  • Added a pillar at the bottom of the lift, as unit behavior occasionally destabilized when coming into contact with the lift as it descended.

Canyon Base (Point Capture) & Colony Trading Post (Destruction)

  • Lifts on these maps have been used frequently, so we will replace them with fixed jump boosters in order to improve the pace of gameplay.

Matchmaking/Rating Adjustments

  • The number of players with the Newtype rank will be limited to half of those at Master or above at any given time (maximum of 600 players).
  • Even if a player is ranked Master or above, they will be demoted to Diamond or below if their rating falls below a certain level.
  • The algorithm that evaluates combat to determine a player's change in rating has been adjusted.
    ・The evaluation accuracy will be improved for units whose main role tends to be taking a lot of damage.
  • The matchmaking algorithm will be modified to make it easier to match players who are close to each other in rating.

Other Adjustments

  • The "All-Time Best Rank" in the Player Info will be changed so that the record of the highest rank/tier will be retrieved when the threshold for each rank/tier is changed. The season with the higher rating will be recorded if the rank/tier is the same. (In the event that even the ratings are the same, the older season will be given priority.)
  • The following changes will be made to the conditions under which rewards are distributed at the time of a season reset.
    ・If the last rank is Newtype, the reward will be distributed according to the last Newtype rank.
    ・If the last rank is Master or lower, the reward will be distributed according to the highest rank/tier during the season.

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