Season 4 ""BALLISTA"" May Balance Adjustments [Updated 5/23 (PDT)]

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  • XBOX
  • PC

Effective Date

May 25 (after maintenance)

Unit Adjustments


Gundam's win and usage rates were lower than those of other ranged units. We will adjust its stats to make it better in shoot-outs.

Beam Rifle

Damage: 230 → 240

Hyper Hammer

Area Damage: 100 → 150

Gundam Barbatos

This unit has had greater success than most other units in Ranked Matches. We believe that the reason for this is because there aren't many units that can combat it at close range and its ability to down a full health Sazabi with one combo. We will alter the damage numbers to balance things out.


HP: 1,100 → 1,000

Mace (Smash)

Damage: 700 → 650


Damage: 400 → 350


The changes made during ""Season 3 IGNITION"" combined with the adjustments to Unicorn Gundam's Psycho Frame Resonance resulted in a downward trend in both usage and win rates. Since the rate at which this unit can repair is where we want it to be, we will strengthen its offensive capabilities by increasing the number of rounds of the Arm Beam Gun and the damage of the Twin Shot.

Arm Beam Gun

Magazine Size: 14 → 16

Twin Shot

Damage: 150 → 200

DOM Trooper

We have found out that the Suction Sensor Mines have very little impact. We will enhance their damage and reduce the cooldown.

Suction Sensor Mines

Maximum Damage: 130 → 200
Minimum Damage: 50 → 100
Cooldown: 5 sec → 4 sec


Guntank's Bop Missile will be buffed to enhance its effectiveness against fast-moving units.

Bop Missile

Fire Rate (in Multi-Lock Mode): 0.14 sec → 0.12 sec
Damage (in Concentrated-Fire Mode): 21 → 23


Since Mahiroo's last rework, its win rate has been lower than expected. Its damage has been lower than that of other ranged units, so we will increase the damage of its REN-DO Grenade.

REN-DO grenade

Maximum Damage: 220 → 240
Minimum Damage: 80 → 90

ZAKU II [Melee]

The cooldown of the Large Heat Hawk (Shockwave) has been shortened to increase ZAKU II [Melee]'s standoff capabilities at medium range or longer. Additionally, the damage reduction of the sub-action Guard Tackle has been increased to make it easier for the unit to close the distance with enemies.

Guard Tackle

Damage Reduction: 30% → 50%

Large Heat Hawk (Shock Wave)

Cooldown: 8 seconds → 6 seconds

Hyperion Gundam

Hyperion Gundam has been struggling in close-ranged combat and has had a lower win-rate than other shielded units, so it will be buffed. Also, since it was having a hard time finishing enemies off, Armure Lumiere Lancer will now require fewer points to activate.


HP: 900 → 1,000

Armure Lumiere

Cooldown: 14 sec → 12 sec

Armure Lumiere Lancer

Number of Points Required: 8,900 → 8,000

Gundam Dynames [Updated 5/23 (PDT)]

The balance adjustment for Gundam Dynames that was scheduled to be implemented with the 5/25 (PDT) maintenance will be postponed due to an unforeseen issue.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Map Adjustments

  • Lunar Comm Station (Domination)
    ・The passageway that connects the objective areas A and B was too narrow, making it difficult for players to move through. We have widened it for smoother movement.

Matchmaking/Rating Adjustments

  • The weight of the rate fluctuation based on individual performance will be increased.
    ・For high performing players, their rate increase will be higher after wins and their rate decrease will be lower after losses.

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