PC Version Service Launch Date Confirmed!

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The PC version of GUNDAM EVOLUTION will begin service on September 21st at 07:00PM (PDT).

The GUNDAM EVOLUTION: Mission Briefing video, which premiered today at 06:00AM (PDT), introduced a lot of new information such as new units, abilities, and items that would be available alongside the official launch of the game. Be sure to check that out.


With the PC version's service launch date set, the official website has been updated to match Season 1, the game's momentous first season.
Moving forward, we will be posting new information on various social media as we approach going live. Look forward to it.

Additionally, the console version's service is slated to begin in December 1st 2022(JST).
If you are waiting on the console version, we thank you for your continued patience and ask that you wait a little longer for more information.    

It has been about one year since this title was announced in July 2021, and we have made it to this announcement thanks to your support and cooperation.
The development team will continue to pour all of their efforts towards the official launch of service. We hope you enjoy playing GUNDAM EVOLUTION.  

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This title is free-to-play. Hop on your platform of choice and plunge headlong into the fracas!