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Hello! This is Kazuya , the Executive Producer for GUNDAM EVOLUTION.

I know many of you have been waiting for the release of GUNDAM EVOLUTION.
I'm happy to announce that the game launches for PC tomorrow, September 21 at 7:00 PM PDT.
The development and operations teams are making final preparations ahead of launch.  

In light of the service going live, there are three things I'd like to relay to everyone.

Console Version Release

The release of the console version is available for the PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4 / Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One , is November 30 PST, as announced in the Mission Briefing the other day.

We are aware of the two month delay from the PC version, but we wanted to take the time to optimize things for each platform and improve the controls after receiving the feedback we got from you during the network test conducted in June.

The console version will be released in tandem with the start of Season 2, and any future updates will be conducted in sync together with the PC version. We will also be offering a way to get items that were available during Season 1 for console players.

If you are a console player, we hope you continue to eagerly await the release in late November.

Live Service Areas(Updated 9/21)

This information was also included as part of the Mission Briefing the other day, but service will be initially launched in the following areas:


Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand
United States, Canada, Germany, France, England, Italy Spain, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands,
Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway  

◇PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4 / Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One

  Japan, United States, Canada, Germany, France
England, Italy, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands
Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway  

After careful consideration, these areas were chosen as a result of tests, the server environment Bandai Namco could provide at the start of service, each region's regulations, the number of expected players, as well as areas that met certain criteria and could provide a stable environment for gameplay.

We apologize if you live in an area that is not covered in the above. We will continue to monitor the game after launch and consider expanding our areas of service. Please look forward to follow-up reports.

PC Version Service Launch Notes

The PC Version launches tomorrow, 9/21 7:00PM PDT.
In order to get ready, we have made the client available for pre-download, so why not take the opportunity to download and install it now before the actual launch.  

▽PC Version Service Launch Notes

We have also announced this ahead of time, but EVO Coins will be sold two days after the official launch from 7:00PM on September 23rd. In the meantime, new unit unlocks, premium passes, item sets, and other content unlocked with EVO Coins will be unavailable during that time.

The purpose for the delay is to ensure the live service is stable and running before actual sales. Thank you for your understanding.

One more thing! The Ranked Match mode becomes playable after you reach Player Level 20. First, play Casual Matches to gain Player EXP. A concurrent event will be held alongside the launch that boosts the amount of Player EXP you receive.

Lastly, after the announcement in July of last year and a year and two months of testing, we are finally at the verge of launching the PC version. All of this could not have been accomplished without your support from the beginning. The launch of GUNDAM EVOLUTION marks a new beginning, and the operations and development teams will continue to work hard to bring you an experience that all can enjoy.

I hope to see all you PC and console players on the battlefield!

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