GUNDAM EVOLUTION PC Version Service Launch

  • PC

As of today, September 21st at 7:00PM PST, official service has begun for the PC version of GUNDAM EVOLUTION!

Our inaugural first season is entitled Sortie! To commemorate this kickoff, we've prepared lots of new content for you fans, including new units like Unicorn Gundam, new areas like the Bay City Map, and more.

This game was developed in order to offer you the pinnacle of FPS gameplay utilizing the full appeal of the Gundam universe. Our development and operations teams have given it their all to make this title one to be cherished by the fans for years to come!

We ask potential players to check the information below regarding official service launches.

■How to Install Game Client

■Season 1 "Sortie" - Release Notes

■Commencement of EVO Coin Sales

■Beginner's Guide

Our Beginner's Guide on YouTube showcases the rules of this game.

Service for console editions is scheduled to commence on November 30th, 2022. For our customers intending to play our console editions, we ask for your patience until service commences.

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*Content still in development.

This title is free-to-play. Hop on your platform of choice and plunge headlong into the fracas!