System adjustment for Ranked Match and MMR (matchmaking rating)

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Thank you for playing GUNDAM EVOLUTION.
Here are the details of the maintenance that took place on September 28:

・Removal of placement matches
・Initial player rating set to 3,500 (Silver IV). Those who had a higher MMR kept their rating.
・Increased MMR change rate per match. 

The purpose of this maintenance was to reset the MMR of players whose ratings went down much more than they should have during the placement matches.
By increasing the MMR change rate per match, we had planned to stabilize the rankings distribution.

However, even after making these changes, we received more feedback saying that the new MMR system was still unbalanced.
Taking the feedback we received into consideration, we further discussed measures to be implemented.

Details of the changes

A stronger focus on the average rating of each team

This fix means ranked matches will be more evenly matched.
However, this also means that queue times maybe a little longer than before.
We hope for your understanding.This being said, we will continue to monitor the ranked system and make changes when we deem them necessary.

Adjusting the rate of MMR change per match according to rank

We have adjusted the amount of MMR gained/lost per win/loss depending on the ranking of the player.
With this change, lower ranks will gain more MMR compared to before this change.
This will allow players to feel a stronger sense of progress.
This being said, in higher ranked matches, MMR gain will remain close to how it is right now.


We will continue to follow the feedback we received regarding ranked matches/MMR.
We plan to continue to discuss this topic internally so we can come up with a system that is more reliable.
We'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for the continuous adjustments made during Season 1.

Thank you for your continued support. 

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