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Future Updates

Hello! This is Kazuya, the Executive Producer for GUNDAM EVOLUTION.

We appreciate your patience, as always! We recently released the Mission Briefing Season 2 video that revealed information regarding Season 2 Mobius. Please take a look if you haven't already.

As announced, Season 2 Mobius will go live for PCs on November 30, and it will accompany the console launch on December 1.

In this Developer Blog, we'll reveal details for upcoming updates including Season 2 content, and everything we can share about our ongoing game fixes.

Unit Balance Patch

With Season 2, we are implementing balance changes based on the in-game data we have collected. And just like before, battle director Ryota Hogaki will be here to explain the details and intentions behind them via a separate notice. It should be up around 11/24 (PST), so expect it just around the corner!

Improving Ranked Matches

We have been rolling out Ranked Match adjustments incrementally since it going live in Season 1, and we plan on making more modifications from the outset of Season 2 to dramatically improve the system.

Matchmaking logic will be adjusted in the hopes of generating matches between users with more similar ratings. We will post the details around the same time as the unit balance patch.

Upcoming Events and Rewards

Our most active players have told us about the waning incentives after reaching the Season Pass level cap. We hear you, and we are looking into ways to improve this.

We are discussing ways to make challenges easier to complete and are looking into additional rewards and achievements based on player proficiency and unit usage. But before that, we intend to hold events in Season 2 to give our fans even more exciting gameplay!

And outside of the in-game events, we are also offering Gundam crossovers, social media campaigns and other events allowing you to obtain new in-game items. We hope you look forward to them! 

Official Tournament

As mentioned in a prior notice, we will be holding the GUNDAM GAME GRANDPRIX 2023 tournament in Japan with JPY 7 million in prize money on the line. Entry into the Season 1 Qualifiers is underway, as well as the pre-match practice runs. We are also holding a tournament in the United States with a USD 20,000 prize pool.

As we have said before, we want to expand the culture of game tournament participation through GUNDAM EVOLUTION, and we hope that many pilots will enter into these tournaments. We also plan on streaming the tournaments, including the pre-matches. That way, even if you can't join in, you can watch the world's top pilots duke it out.

Going forward, we will keep looking into projects and events that expand the scope and available regions for GUNDAM EVOLUTION tournaments.

Cheating Countermeasures

As mentioned previously, our anti-cheat team is working around the clock to roll out measures against players engaged in cheating, illegal sales, or abusive behavior. Your reports continue to be essential to helping us detect such activity, and we thank you once again for your cooperation in these efforts.

We continue to take firm actions against cheaters and are working on upgrading our countermeasures to make cheating that much harder to get away with. We cannot go into detail regarding specific countermeasures for security reasons. Know that maintaining a safe play environment is the top priority of the entire anti-cheat team, and we strive to make continued improvements toward that goal.

Gameplay Stabilization

In order to offer an enjoyable gameplay experience, we have strived to fix the primary causes of network disconnections, forced application shutdowns, and lag. Nailing down causes and fixes for existing issues has resulted in gradual improvements, but we are still seeing cases where such issues occur under specific environments and conditions. We apologize to anyone still affected by such circumstances.

We continue to make headway in investigating and fixing these problems, but we'd like to ask that players who run into such issues please send reports to our support team describing the situations under which such problems arose.

We are still repairing several bugs with Season 2 on the horizon. Details of these fixes will be available in our upcoming release notes, and other bug-related progress updates are published in the Issues list on our official website.

Upcoming PC Service Area Expansion

To be added starting in Season 2: (11/29/2022 PST)

India, Vietnam, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic

Areas being considered for inclusion starting in February 2023: [Updated 2/8 PST]

Australia, New Zealand
*The aforementioned areas are scheduled to be released in the April update. We will be releasing more details on the official website once they are confirmed.

Console Version Launch

Console users will be able to play the game on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One starting on 11/30 (PST).

We will send a notification regarding the regions in which the console version can be played.
We extend our apologies to our fans outside of these regions who were looking forward to playing the game. We are still looking into expanding the regions in which GUNDAM EVOLUTION is offered, so please stay tuned for further information.

In Closing

This is everything we can tell you about the current status and upcoming updates in this Developer Blog.

We are deeply sorry that we cannot completely answer all of the requests and feedback offered by our GUNDAM EVOLUTION players. But rest assured, this Season 2 update is but one of many opportunities we will take to improve the in-game environment and publish situation reports.

Our entire team is doing everything in our power to craft a space where more and more people can enjoy playing, so please continue to support GUNDAM EVOLUTION!

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