"Season 2 Mobius" Unit & Matchmaking Adjustments[Updated 11/28 2:00AM PST]

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[Updated 11/28 2:00AM PST] An error in the description of the adjustment of "Gundam Exia" has been corrected.

Effective From

November 30, effective from the end of maintenance

New Unit Introduction

Nu Gundam

Specializing in medium-range combat, this unit is a shooting unit with a high ability to take out final blows by combining its main weapon with the "Fin Funnel" active skill.

Beam Rifle (main weapon)

A general semi-automatic ranged weapon that excels in medium-range firefights. It has a large total number of bullets, making it easy to inflict continuous damage.

Fin Funnel (Active Skill)

A remote attack that sends the Fin Funnel shooting at enemy units. ν Gundam can be given one mark for every two times it hits an enemy unit with each attack (up to two stacks), and the number of Fin Funnel and the number of attacks increase with the number of stacks.

New Hyper Bazooka (active skill)

When activated, the New Hyper Bazooka fires in the direction of the reticle while moving a certain distance in the entered direction.

Fin Funnel Barrier (G maneuver)

For a certain period, the "Fin Funnel Barrier" is deployed around the unit in the shape of a square weight, forming a barrier that prevents certain attacks. During the effect period, one Fin Funnel will automatically attack enemies within a certain range, and the cooldown of the "New Hyper Bazooka" will also be shortened.

Adjustments to the Existing Units

Balance Changes

Pale Rider

  • In Season 1, it was one of the top units in terms of both usage and damage in all rate bands.
  • The 10 minute average of damage and repair volume was 4,000 ~ 5,000 higher than other shooting units, and the heal volume of the Repair Pod was also higher, so we will adjust the main weapon and Repair Pod to balance the unit with other units.

Bullpup Machine Gun

Damage: 60 → 58

Repair Pod

Heal per second: 200 → 120
Cooldown: 14 sec → 16 sec  

Zaku II [Ranged]

  • Combined with the situation where the use of incompatible units was increasing, both the usage rate and the win rate were low.
  • The DPS (damage per second) of the "ZAKU MACHINE GUN," the main axis of damage, has been increased as part of the adjustment, and the ability to defeat enemy units at close range by continuing to hit them has been improved, but on the other hand, the magazine firepower has been reduced, making it necessary to fire at a more appropriate range than before.

Zaku Machine Gun

Damage: 46 → 48
Ammo: 30 → 28

Heat Hawk Slash

Point Required to Activate: 6,500 → 6,800

  • We'd like to improve the DPS of the Zaku Machine Gun but not to increase the turnover rate of the Heat Hawk Slash too much, the amount of points required to activate it will be adjusted slightly.

Gundam Barbatos


HP:1,000 → 1,100

  • Due to the reduced damage of the Long Sword, it is assumed that it takes longer to defeat an enemy, and the number of shots taken will increase, so the HP was increased.

Long Sword

Direct Hit Damage:800 → 400
Expand range of direct hit in front
Shorten post-motion delay after use
Cooldown: 8 sec → 7 sec  

  • We anticipated a basic combo that started with the Mace (Smash), but made this change because most players use the Long Sword to engage, giving them the ability to defeat enemies in one go.
  • We lowered the damage output but increased the direct hit range in front, and reduced both the cooldown and the post-motion delay in order to curb its burst damage, but maintain its position as a frontline engagement unit. We'll keep the explosiveness of the unit by adjusting the Alaya-Vijnana System.

Alaya-Vijnana System

A downed enemy goes from disabled to instantly destroyed
Hit Stop: 0.08 sec → 0.05 sec
Required Points to Activate: 7,000 → 6,200  

  • The Alaya-Vijnana System can only be activated three times, and even if an enemy unit is disabled, it can easily be recovered. Thus we are changing this to be the same as the Long Sword, which instantly destroys enemies instead of disabling them.
  • Although it is assumed that the amount of points gained will decrease due to the adjustment of the Long Sword, we would like to maintain the current turnover rate of the G maneuver, so we will adjust the amount of points required to activate the maneuver.


Beam Shot Rifle

Shot Spread: 4 → 3.3

  • Due in part to the environment of higher usage of fighting units, the usage rate, win rate, and overall results were also low.By improving the bullet collection value of the Beam Shot Rifle, we will make adjustments to improve damage by allowing enemy units to hit multiple rounds at close and medium ranges before they get too close.


Energy Cable

Required Points to Activate: 7,800 → 9,200

  • Although Methuss has no major problems as a unit, it had a high number of activations for a powerful G maneuver (about 4.3 per 10 minutes on average), so we will adjust the number of activations to be on par with Turn A's Moonbeam Butterfly (about 3.7 per 10 minutes on average).

Dom Trooper

  • In the Diamond and above rate range, it ranks second in usage rate and third in kill death ratio.
  • Its damage and other results are not different from those of other shooting units, but its high HP, various skills, and G maneuvers make it a valuable contribution to the team in areas other than damage. Among them, the "Armor Gun" is especially compatible with fighting units and shield-carrying units that maintain the front line, and in the current environment where fighting units are widely used, the "Armor Gun" has a synergistic effect. Therefore, we are adjusting the cooldown of the Armor Gun to reduce its performance by about 25% from Season 1, and we are modifying it so that it can no longer perform adequately unless it is more accurately given to allies.

Armor Gun

Cooldown: 10 sec → 13 sec

Turn A Gundam

Overhead Throw

Time until grab occurs: 0.42 sec → 0.5 sec

  • • At close range it is difficult to avoid so the trigger time has been extended to make this easier.


Bop Missile

Multi-lock Damage: 18 → 21

・The damage to disabled units is "30," so we are revising that to "21," the same as normal damage.

  • Adjustments will be made to enable more damage than before when many enemy units can be targeted, and performance will be enhanced by switching between "multi-lock" and "concentrated-fire mode" to suit the situation.

Gundam Exia

  • When comparing the unit's performance to other units, it was not a unit that was able to do significantly more damage than others in each rate band. We believe that the unit's superiority in this situation is due to its footing, including its step skill, which allows it to easily jump into enemy territory and escape.
  • The main weapon, the GN Beam Dagger, has 20~30% lower damage than the main weapons of other units, and adding distance attenuation to this may result in excessive adjustment, so we have decided not to make this adjustment. However, this is a point that we have received a lot of feedback on, and we will keep an eye on it as one of the items to consider along with the implementation of reloading.

GN Beam Saber

Hit Stop: 0.08 sec → 0.05 sec

  • The hit-stop during Trans-Am was a bit much, so we are adjusting it to be the same as the GN Sword & GN Short Blade (Rotating Slash).

GN Sword (Rush & Slash)

Cooldown if canceled: 3 sec → 4 sec    

  • We will increase the risk when canceling the skill since canceling currently can be used with little risk and too easily.

[Updated 11/28 2:00AM PST] An incorrect description in the "GN Beam Saber" column has been corrected.

Quick Step

Cooldown: 9 sec → 12 sec


  • Despite its low HP compared to other units, it has fewer deaths, partly due to its small size, but also because of its mobility, thanks to its three steps and two movement skills. The "Quick Step" is a useful skill that can be used for both escaping and joining battles, and in this regard, the cooldown is extended to limit the number of times it can be used conveniently.
  • The reduction in the number of boost steps will be carefully considered, as it will have a significant impact on fighting units that are characterized by their good mobility.

Marasai UC

Feydeen Rifle (Beam Blade)

Shorten the post-motion delay when a sidestep cancel is not used after the beam blade.


REN-DO Grenade

Detection Range for Explosion: 20 → 180

  • We aim to improve its damage performance and its suppressing power in tight spaces by extending the sensing range for detonation.

Zaku II [Melee]

  • Although both usage and win rates dropped slightly after the October 27th adjustment, the impact on matches in the Diamond IV and higher rate ranges continues to be high, and we have determined that adjustments are necessary. The main adjustments will be made to the ability to maintain the front line based on HP and the ability to reverse the situation with the G maneuver.


HP:1,200 → 1,100

Zeon's Rage

Armor Gained on Activation: 500 → 600

Guard Tackle

Cooldown: 7 sec → 9 sec

  • This highly versatile movement ability can be used offensively or to escape, so we will make adjustments to increase the importance of using it in more suitable situations.

Large Head Hawk (Rotating Slash)

Required Points to Activate: 8,000 → 8,500


Adjustment Plan

In Season 1, there were many problems with matching and ratings, and we have made numerous corrections and updates to the system. We apologize again for any inconvenience this may have caused to our players.
Before we begin to explain the adjustments we will be making in Season 2, we would first like to give you an update on the Season 1 matching situation.

  • The average waiting time for a match was about 40 seconds during high player traffic periods and about 3 minutes during low player traffic periods.
  • The average rate difference between the two teams was less than 100 in about 87% of the matches.
  • In approximately 76% of the matches, the party composition of both teams was the same.

Although the overall results showed a certain level of effectiveness, the accuracy of the rate difference and party composition was still insufficient.

Based on the data obtained and the feedback we received, we will make the following adjustments to the matching and rating systems in order to achieve more accurate and fair matching, and to improve the appropriateness of the rate fluctuation when winning or losing a match.


In order to address the fact that there are still many matches with different party compositions, resulting in dissatisfaction with the difference in rates and party compositions, the following improvements will be made.

  • Revise restrictions on party participation in ranked matches.
  • Adjustment of logic to make it more difficult for party and solo players to be matched.

By resolving these issues, we will improve the accuracy of matching with less differences in party composition, and also improve the poor playing experience for solo players who are paired with some party compositions.


We have received the following comments regarding rate fluctuations in the results of wins and losses.

  • Complaints about the fact that the higher rated players in a team have a smaller rate increase and a larger rate decrease than the other players.
  • When there is a gap between the ranks of the two teams at the time of matching, the amount of rate fluctuation is not satisfactory.
  • Complaints about the amount of rate fluctuation when a player leaves in the middle of a match and loses.
  • I would like the rate fluctuation amount to reflect the content of play in the match.

The development team is aware of these comments and issues, and we are currently working on modifications for each of them.
We apologize that we are unable to resolve all of them at once, but we will be addressing mainly points 1 and 2 in Season 2.


Revision to Required Points for Rank & Tier Promotion

We will be changing the required rating to go up in each rank and tier.
The changed values are as follows.  

Rank & Tier

Required Rating for Promotion

Bronze Ⅳ


Bronze Ⅲ


Bronze Ⅱ


Bronze Ⅰ


Silver Ⅳ


Silver Ⅲ


Silver Ⅱ


Silver Ⅰ


Gold Ⅳ


Gold Ⅲ


Gold Ⅱ


Gold Ⅰ


Platinum Ⅳ


Platinum Ⅲ


Platinum Ⅱ


Platinum Ⅰ


Diamond Ⅳ


Diamond Ⅲ


Diamond Ⅱ


Diamond Ⅰ





*Promotion for Top 600 Master players

Along with this change, the initial rating for new accounts will also be changed.
The initial rating will be determined after placement matches are complete.

Reinstating Placement Matches

Placement Matches were put on hold due to issues in Season 1, but will be reinstated now that those issues have been addressed.

In the new season, players joining ranked matches will first participate in five placement matches.
Their rank and tier will be determined after the five placement matches, and they also gain access to season rewards.  

Season Rating Reset

We will be resetting the ratings of all players from Season 1 moving into Season 2.

The following are temporary ranks for internal purposes at the start of Season 2's reset, and your official rank will be determined after your placements.
*Based on the results of placement matches, you may end up higher or lower than the temporary rank.

In Season 1

After Reset

Bronze Ⅳ

Silver Ⅱ

Bronze Ⅲ

Silver Ⅱ

Bronze Ⅱ

Silver Ⅱ

Bronze Ⅰ

Silver Ⅱ

Silver Ⅳ

Silver Ⅰ

Silver Ⅲ

Silver Ⅰ

Silver Ⅱ

Silver Ⅰ

Silver Ⅰ

Silver Ⅰ

Gold Ⅳ

Gold Ⅳ

Gold Ⅲ

Gold Ⅳ

Gold Ⅱ

Gold Ⅲ

Gold Ⅰ

Gold Ⅲ

Platinum Ⅳ

Gold Ⅱ

Platinum Ⅲ

Gold Ⅰ

Platinum Ⅱ

Platinum Ⅳ

Platinum Ⅰ

Platinum Ⅲ

Diamond Ⅳ

Platinum Ⅱ

Diamond Ⅲ

Platinum Ⅱ

Diamond Ⅱ

Platinum Ⅰ

Diamond Ⅰ

Platinum Ⅰ


Diamond Ⅳ


Diamond Ⅳ

New Modifier for Initial Rating Change in Ranked Matches

In order to help newcomers to Ranked Matches quickly reach the appropriate rate range, a special correction will be applied to the first 50 rounds of Ranked Matches to increase the amount of rate fluctuation. This correction will not be applied to players who are Diamond IV or higher.

This correction will be applied to players who have been playing since Season 1 but have participated in less than 50 Ranked Matches.
Also, matches during the placement match will be counted as the first 50 matches.

Change to Party Restrictions in Ranked Matches

From Season 2, parties cannot play ranked matches together under any of the following conditions:

  • The difference between the highest and lowest rated in the party is over 1,000 points.
  • Parties of five members.
  • There is a diamond* or higher player in parties of four or more.

We will explain our reasoning for each of these conditions.

  • We believe that too much of a gap between the rates of different parties can easily reduce the validity of a match and detract from the experience of playing with each other's teams, so we have reviewed the appropriate rate difference in changing the value required for rank and tier advancement and have decided to set it at "1,000" (approximately one rank difference).
  • When a party of five plays together, the sixth person is playing solo and it makes it difficult to coordinate with the other team members, often making it hard to contribute, and often leads to a bad gameplay experience when compared to other situations. We have also received much feedback from you regarding this.
    In Season 1, the system was designed to minimize the number of matches between solo players and parties, with only about 12% of matches placing a solo player with a party, so we decided to make this overall change.
  • Parties that include players in the high rank range had to be treated in a special way because it was difficult to evaluate their strength in the same way as other parties. As a result, it has been difficult to match players with acceptable opponents while maintaining a realistic waiting time for matching, and after careful consideration, we have decided to impose these restrictions.

We are very sorry that these restrictions will limit your freedom of play, and we ask for your understanding in this matter.
We will continue to monitor developments in the game, including feedback from our players, with regard to party restrictions in ranked matches.

Revision to Rate Change for Victory/Defeat

We revised the amount of points gained or lost for victories and defeats. You should see the following cases more as you play.

  • The amount of points gained or lost will be smaller compared to Season 1.
  • The difference in amount of rating points gained or lost from other team members has also been reduced.
  • The amount changed will take into consideration the rating difference between the two teams in matchmaking.
    In a disadvantaged matchup) If the match is won, the points gained will be significantly boosted, and upon defeat, the points lost will be reduced.
    In an advantaged matchup) If the match is won, points gained will be reduced, and upon defeat, the points lost will be increased.
  • From Masters and up, the amount of points gained/lost gets incrementally smaller the higher the rating.
Revision to Party Matchmaking Logic

The party matchmaking logic has been updated to reduce the gap between party composition of both teams.

Adjusted the matching logic for casual matches

When matching in Casual Match, we have adjusted the matching logic so that players with similar player skills will be matched.

In Closing

We talked about improvements made to the matchmaking and rating systems, and we will continue to monitor ranked matches in Season 2. Further changes and updates will be made after analyzing in-game data and feedback from you. If you experience any issue or frustration when playing Ranked Matches in Season 2, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know.

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