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Thank you for participating GUNDAM EVOLUTION PC Network Test

Hello, my name is Kazuya Maruyama, the producer of 'GUNDAM EVOLUTION'.

From the GUNDAM EVOLUTION team and myself, we wish to thank you for your participation for our 5day-long PC Network Test! 

Since we launched our first Network Test in Japan last August, we were excited to find out what the reception outside Japan would be. With a turnout of around 91,500 players joining from Japan, US and Canada, we definitely see this latest PC Network Test as a giant success. For players who joined, 30% played for over 5 hours and 10% of our players played over 10 hours, which is well beyond our original expectations. Our entire staff are honored that so many FPS fans and Gundam Fans in Japan and North America enjoyed playing GUNDAM EVOLUTION!

Without your support, we could not have completed all the tests we had planned. We would like to express our sincere apologies once again for inconvenience caused by technical errors or incorrect penalty display during the test. All your feedback will be reviewed thoroughly, and we promise they will be taken account into bringing the quality of the game even higher.

For everyone who played the PC Network Test, we would greatly appreciate your feedback to help us make the best game possible. Please take a moment to complete the Post PC Network Test survey for April 18th to be sure your feedback is heard! 

If you have not given us your thoughts about the game, please take the survey before April 18th, this is your chance to help us make GUNDAM EVOLUTION better! Also, please be sure to check out the PC Network Test report published at the end of April for the survey results.

Console Network Test

Following the success of PC Network Test, we are planning to hold a Closed Network Test on console platforms in Japan, US and Canada. We will announce the test dates and additional details as soon as it is decided, so please continue to follow our social channels to be the first to know!

Please note that the purpose of Console Network Test is to check console network stability, controller usability, aim assist functionality, game balance etc. Therefore, balance adjustment based on feedback we collected during this PC Network Test will not be reflected this time. 

Looking forward to seeing you again in next developer's blog! 
Kazuya Maruyama, producer of 'GUNDAM EVOLUTION'

◇TV anime series "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM IRON-BLOODED ORPHANSD" Season 1 is now available for free from following links! 
The series features Gundam Barbatos, so if you met Gundam Barbatos for the first time in this Network Test, check out the original anime series to learn his story!
[Subbed in 15Languages]
[ENG dub]

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