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Hey there! It's Maruyama, the producer of GUNDAM EVOLUTION.
In this developer's blog, we would like to respond to the comments and questions received from all of you. Without further ado, let's tackle as many as we can.  

Penalties Caused by No Contest or Unforeseen Issues

We have received many requests to remove penalties from Casual Matches so they can be enjoyed more, well, casually. The development agrees that the game should provide an enjoyable experience, but by removing all penalties, players may take that as incentive to leave ongoing games, which in turn will create a negative experience for other casual players. (When penalties were temporarily lessened, the actual data showed an increase in midgame quitters.)

However, the current state of affairs is not ideal, and we are planning to further reduce penalties in Season 3 to provide a more playable environment, as well as tackle another cause of trouble by fixing the system so penalties are not mistakenly issued from no contest matches and other issues.  

Forced Client Termination and Unintentional Network Disconnection

First and foremost, we would like to apologize to any player that has been inconvenienced with a forced termination due to an error or otherwise. We would also like to thank all of you who provided a detailed report of the circumstances when it happened.
There are many things that can cause a forced termination, and we have fixed multiple issues that differ across the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, but we have confirmed that multiple inherent problems remain. This issue is a top priority for the development team, and we will continue to fix each cause and make improvements with each maintenance moving forward.

The most effective way for us to make these improvements is for you to provide detailed information when the aforementioned issue occurs. We have resolved many of the issues previously reported to us, and we hope to continue working with you to make GUNDAM EVOLUTION a better experience for all our players.
We are also currently working on the rejoin match function to make it easier for players to reconnect during the grace period if they are disconnected from the game.  

Matchmaking Situation in Some Ranked Tiers

We have confirmed there are some difficulties in matchmaking in certain regions and ranked tiers in North America, Europe, and Asia. We apologize to all those affected by this issue.

We will be adding and adjusting service areas to provide better matchmaking. We also have various campaigns in store to increase our player base and will be fixing issues with the matchmaking system itself. We have made changes in Season 2, and we plan to make further adjustments in the next update.  

Enhancing Methods of Capital Gain and Enriching Game Content

Capital, the in-game currency used to unlock units and purchase some Supply Pods, can be acquired in the current season pass at Levels 18 and 58 (1,000 CP each for 2,000 CP total). Clearing the Beginner’s Challenges also provides 2,000 CP. In addition to this, the ongoing Winter Campaign will provide 2,000 CP, enough to unlock another unit. Don't miss these chances to unlock new units!

In addition, we are planning to implement an in-game event in the next update that will allow users to obtain more customization items as in-game rewards, which has been requested by many users. We will continue to hold such events in the future, so please be on the lookout.  

Ability to Test Pilot Locked Units

This feature has also been requested by many players, and with the latest update, locked units are now available in Practice mode only. We hope you consider unlocking units after you have tried using them in this mode.

Kill Camera Feature

We have received many requests for a kill camera function so that players can see how they were defeated in the game. We cannot give a definite timeline for this feature, but we are aware of your wishes and will continue to keep it under consideration.

Available Customization Items

We have been introducing customization items, including items for those who are not familiar with the Gundam series and worldwide experiments to see what people like.

Since the launch of the service, we have received skin designs and item suggestions from both old and new fans, as well as requests for pilot voices and emotes based on the original series. We will consult with the directors and licensors regarding this issue and continue to add designs and variations that meet your requests to the best of our ability.

Response to Tournament Eligible Regions

We have received questions about the December SHOWDOWN #2 tournament, where the only eligible participants must be U.S. residents.

This limitation is due to contractual issues with the companies involved, and we recognize that this is a major point that needs to be improved in the future. It has always been our strong desire and goal to have more people from more regions participate, and we will make adjustments to improve the situation as soon as possible.  

Twitch Promotion Plan

Another frequently asked question is about our plan to promote through Twitch Drops.
Preparations for this are underway, and although it's a little down the line, we are aiming for February. We hope there will be a great turnout of both GUNDAM EVOLUTION streamers and viewers when the event is live.  

Providing Info for Players Outside of Japan

Although GUNDAM EVOLUTION has been launched across the globe, we recognize there are still areas for improvement when it comes to information provision such as the time lag of translating everything from Japanese into English and other languages.

We are always working to improve the game, and this Developer's Blog featured for international players is one step in that direction. We have been collecting feedback from international players but have not been responding in a timely manner. We will do our best to provide information on future updates and tournaments to everyone, regardless of regional boundaries. We would be grateful if you continue to provide us with feedback on ongoing development efforts.  

Final Note

We focused on responding to your comments in this Developer's Blog! We will continue to provide opportunities to communicate with you on a regular basis.

Since the launch of the service, we have received many requests for new customization items, such as suggestions for the next new unit, new game modes for maps, and using the original voices from each respective series. As a first step, we are now conducting a survey for those who have been playing GUNDAM EVOLUTION. We would be grateful if you would take this opportunity to give us your honest opinion. We will use this opportunity to respond to your questions and opinions and would appreciate your cooperation.

In 2023, we will implement more updates than ever, starting with the Season 3 update in February. There are more details to come via various mediums, so stay tuned!
With that, I bid you adieu until the next Developer's Blog!  

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