Analysis, uploading, and posting of unreleased GUNDAM EVOLUTION data

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Thank you for playing GUNDAM EVOLUTION.
Analyzing GUNDAM EVOLUTION's game data and leaking unreleased information is prohibited.

In addition to mining unreleased data or images, posting it on social media (including reposting and sharing) or uploading it to websites (such as aggregator sites), is a malicious and prohibited act.
Participating in this conduct, regardless of intent, will result in account suspension and we will consider strict legal measures such as filing for damages and civil claims.

The management and development teams release confirmed information in a timely manner.
As such, the analysis and leaking of data not only hinders our teams, it runs the risk of spreading incorrect information, and spoiling the experience of players who are patiently awaiting for this information. We reiterate that analyzing and leaking data is a malicious and prohibited act.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
Please review the game's Terms of Service.

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