"Season 6 Light of Z" September Balance Adjustment

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Effective date

Effective from the end of maintenance on September 27, 2023

Unit Adjustment


Methuss has a shorter transformation duration than Asshimar, which makes it more vulnerable to enemy attacks. We will increase the transformation duration to match Asshimar’s and balance this disadvantage. However, we will also reduce the damage of the "Twin Shot", which is too high and powerful when it hits directly.


Transformation Duration: 2 → 3

Twin Shot

Maximum Damage : 200 → 150

Turn A Gundam

Due to the higher than expected drop in the win rate following the previous balance adjustments to unit durability, the critical hit damage multiplier while charging will be increased so that the damage will exceed 500.
Along with this change, we will also be increasing the amount of points required to activate Moonlight Butterfly in order to maintain its current turnover rate.  

Beam Rifle

Critical Hit Multiplier while charging: 1.5 → 1.62
*This adjustment only applies to critical hits when charging.  

Moonbeam Butterfly

Points required to activate: 9,000 → 9,300


Since the unit has high performance and shield durability among shielded units, we will lower the shield durability value. Also, since the "Homing Mines" sometimes hit themselves, we will make them harmless to themselves.


Durability Value: 1.300 → 1.100

Homing Mine

Damage to own unit changed to 0

GM Sniper II

Due to its low usage and win rate recently, we will improve the "Vulcan Pod", which supports the sniper’s long-range performance and defends against enemy approaches.

Vulcan Pod

Magazine capacity: 24 → 32
Cooldown: 10 → 9  

Marasai [UC]

Since the unit has high durability and win rate, we will revert the durability value to before the Season 4 adjustment. Instead of increasing the cooldown time of the main skill "Sea Snake (Ensnare)," we will extend its range along with "Sea Snake (Shock)".


HP: 1,300 → 1,200

Sea Snake (Ensnare)

Range: 1,900 → 2,200
Cooldown: 6 → 7

Sea Snake (Shock)

Range: 2,000 → 2,200

Matchmaking/Rating Adjustments

  • Adjustments to the logic of combat evaluation that affects rate increase and decrease.
    ・Units that tend to be responsible for repairing damage will be evaluated more accurately.
    ・Improve the accuracy of evaluation of some other units.
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