"Season 7 Last Shooting" Release Notes [Updated 10/25]

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[Updated 10/25]
・Issues have been updated. For more information, please see the following.
 ・Bug Fixes  

New Unit


"Kämpfer" from "Season 7 Last Shooting" is now available!
Its high mobility and high burst damage with its special shotgun makes it a unit that excels in close quarters combat.
"Kämpfer" achievements will not be added.  

For details, please see the "Units" page on the official website.

New Map

Space Fortress (Destruction)

"Season 7 Last Shooting" will feature a new map, "Space Fortress (Destruction)"!

Balance Adjustments

We will be making adjustments to various units as well as to the matchmaking system.
Please refer to the announcement posted below for further details:  

"Season 7 Last Shooting" Balance Adjustment


Event Information

Event Challenge

Event Period

October 25th (End of Maintenance) (PDT) - November 29th 16:59 PM (PST)


By completing the challenges, which are only available during this period, you can win unit skins, weapon skins, and select animations.


Challenge Requirements


Win 1 casual/ranked match

Weapon Skin "Demolition Green" Gundam Heavyarms Custom [EW]

Win 2 casual/ranked match

Selected anime "The Glory of Zeon" Zaku II [Melee]

Win 3 casual/ranked match

Unit Skin "GM (Morocco spec.) Color" GM

Deal a cumulative total of 50,000 damage to units

Unit Skin "Demolition Green" Gundam Heavyarms Custom [EW]

Deal a cumulative total of 100,000 damage units

Weapon Skin "Obsidian Armor" GM Sniper II

Cumulate 15 kills

Weapon Skin "Ancient Cendrillon" Gundam Barbatos

Cumulate 30 kills

Weapon Skin "Karyu (Blue)" Susanowo

Play a match 10 times

Unit Skin "Ancient Cendrillon" Gundam Barbatos

Play a match 20 times

Select Anime "Assault Attack" Zaku II [Ranged]

Use the G maneuver a total of 15 times

Unit Skin "Skydiver" Zeta Gundam

Use the G maneuver a total of 30 times

Select animation "H-A-D-E-S" Pale Rider

Recover a unit member a cumulative total of 5 times

Weapon Skin "Skydiver" Zeta Gundam

Recover a unit member a cumulative total of 10 times

Unit Skin "Obsidian Armor" GM Sniper II

Season 7 Last Shooting Login Bonus

Event Period

October 25th (End of Maintenance) (PDT) - November 29th 16:59 PM (PST)


During the period, by logging into the game, you can obtain unit skins and weapon skins of "Gundam Exia", "Susanowo" and "Zeta Gundam", customization items and CP.

Acquisition conditions and rewards

Number of Days Logged in


Day 1

1,000 CP

Day 2

Stamp "Summer on the Porch"

Day 3

Unit Skin "Doujigiri" Susanowo

Day 4

Weapon skin "Gamma Red" Zeta Gundam

Day 5

Ornament "Turn A Gundam Charm"

Day 6

Unit Skin "Gamma Red" Zeta Gundam

Day 7

Weapon Skin "Sakura" Gundam Exia

Day 8

Ornament "Sazabi Charm"

Day 9

Weapon Skin "Doujigiri" Susanowo

Day 10

Unit Skin "Sakura" Gundam EXIA

How to Obtain

Rewards can be collected from the in-game Present Box by logging into the game during the event period.

Notes of Attention

  • The login bonus will be reset at 6:00 PM (PDT) every day.
  • Rewards will be kept in the Present Box for 30 days; after 30 days, the rewards will be deleted.

Season Pass "Season 7 Last Shooting"

What is a Season Pass?

In "GUNDAM EVOLUTION," every player has a "Season Pass" that corresponds to a season.
Players can earn "Season Pass EXP" by playing various matches, completing challenges, etc. When a certain amount of "Season Pass EXP" is accumulated, the Season Pass level will increase, and various rewards will be awarded according to the level.  

The Season Pass "Season 7 Last Shooting" offers various rewards such as Legendary Unit Skins for multiple units, Capitals, Supply Pod Tickets, and other customization items.
The "Season 7 Last Shooting" season pass does not include a Premium Pass, and all items are available for free.
EVO Coins (free)" are not included in the Season Pass "Season 7 Last Shooting" rewards.  

Season Pass "Season 7 Last Shooting" Period

During Season 7

Supply Pods

What is a Supply Pod?

Supply Pods provide players with random customization items.
To purchase a Supply Pod, players need the currency specified for each Supply Pod, which could be EVO Coins, Capital Points, or Supply Pod Tickets.   

EC Pod Extra

EC Pod Extra"" is a supply pod that can be used by spending 10 EC at a time.
EC Pod Extra"" provides the Legendary Skin ""Gold Jail"" for ""Kämpfer"" and other unit skins and weapon skins that can be used for ""Kämpfer"".  

Sales period

October 25th (End of Maintenance) (PDT) - November 29th 16:59 PM (PST)
※The sales period is subject to change depending on circumstances.  

Introduction of newly added items

▼Unit Skins
・""Gold Jail"" (Kämpfer)
・""Tundra Camo"" (Kämpfer)
・""Primal Jade"" (Kämpfer)
・""Rise Cavalry"" (Kämpfer)
・""Blazing Navy"" (Kämpfer)
・""Krieger Red"" (Kämpfer)
・""Yellow Stern"" (Kämpfer)
・""Versuch Green"" (Kämpfer)
・""White Geist"" (Kämpfer)
・""Black Angriff"" (Kämpfer)  

▼Weapon Skins
・""Gold Jail"" (Kämpfer)
・""Tundra Camo"" (Kämpfer)
・""Primal Jade"" (Kämpfer)
・""Rise Cavalry"" (Kämpfer)
・""Blazing Navy"" (Kämpfer)
・""Krieger Red"" (Kämpfer)
・""Yellow Stern"" (Kämpfer)
・""Versuch Green"" (Kämpfer)
・""White Geist"" (Kämpfer)
・""Black Angriff"" (Kämpfer)  

Other Supply Pods

In addition to ""EC Pod Extra,"" ""CAP Pod Extra"" will be available in ""Season 7 Last Shooting"" at a cost of 120 CP per use."

Notes of Attention

  • For descriptions and notes on EC pods and pickups, please click here.
  • Some supply pods may have pickups.
    Items eligible for pickups have a higher percentage offered than items of the same rarity and similar category.
    For details on the probability, please check the "Item Offer Percentage" pickup on the Supply Pod page in the game.
  • The amount of material points earned when an item is duplicated is different from the amount normally earned in "EC Pods.
  • You can earn one item in "EC Pod Extra" and "CAP Pod Extra" at a time.

Other Updates

  • Modify the icon display when preset chat is used.Adjust the display of custom voices so that they are also displayed in the text chat field and icon when a custom voice is used.
  • When a custom voice is used, the name of the player who used it and the custom voice text will be displayed in the chat field.
    In addition, an icon will now be displayed above the head of the player unit that used the custom voice.
  • The UI display within the Destruction sortie area selection screen has been modified.
    In addition to the above, the operation of the sortie area selection screen when using a controller has been adjusted.
  • The specifications regarding the automatic reduction of armor values have been adjusted.
    *For details, please refer to the Balance Adjustment Notice.
  • UI will be added when an enemy unit activates the G-Maneuver.

For details on the service termination, please click here.  

Bug Fixes  [Updated 10/25]

  • An issue in which random sound effects may play while using the controller
  • In the spectator mode of casual matches, the reticle of the first-person viewpoint in casual matches was sometimes different from its original use.
  • When gazing at a player in the spectator mode of a casual match, the reticle set by the player was sometimes not displayed.
  • In the coach viewpoint of custom matches, the simple player information of the enemy team was sometimes displayed the same as that of the player's own team.
  • On XBOX, when viewing 3D models in the unit customization screen, the models may not rotate smoothly.
  • Issue where the cursor position would be different from the original specification when selecting the recently played player in the friend screen on the home console version.
  • Bug where the damage to shields and barriers of the Gun Tank "Bop Missile" is sometimes not displayed correctly.
  • Bug that the red-hot effect of "Double Gatling Gun" of Gundam Heavyarms Custom [EW] disappears when some actions are performed.
  • Issue where the cursor could not be moved to the enemy player when the speaker icon was displayed on the player list when the chat management screen was displayed during a match on the console version.
  • Issue where the hit UI displayed when continuing to hit with an attack would not always be displayed correctly.
  • Bug that the debuff UI is not correctly displayed on the unit attracted by the effect of the skill when using the "GN Missile" of Gundam Dynames.
  • Bug in the pilot voice selection screen, voices may not be played correctly when multiple voices are played quickly and alternately.
  • Bug in which some select animations do not play sound properly.
  • Bug that the buff/debuff UI is not displayed above the HP gauge in the lower left corner of the screen under certain conditions when using the spectator mode in a custom match.
  • Bug that some of the default skins of Zeta Gundam's main weapon were incorrect.
  • Bug that the "Rules" and "Map" of the room settings in Custom Match would select the leftmost position under certain conditions.
  • An issue where floating mines would fall to the ground when GM's "Homing Mine" was used in certain areas of the "Ironworks".
  • Bug in which the behavior of towed units sometimes became strange when following certain steps after using Marasai's "Sea Snake (Ensnare)".
  • Bug: When using Mahiro's "REN-DO Grenade" at certain locations in the "Steel Mill", the grenade may not ricochet properly.
  • Bug that when using GM Sniper II's "Jump Booster" at certain locations in the "Ironworks", the unit would be buried in the map.
  • Bug where some items were incorrectly named.
  • An issue in which a button that could not be input was enabled when the setting screen was opened on the unit selection screen.
  • Bug in Gundam EXIA: A specific procedure could be used to simultaneously fire the "GN Beam Dagger" and charge the "GN Sword (Rush & Slash)".
  • Bug in Susanowo: When the "Beam Chakram" is used in a specific procedure, the opponent can be killed with a single blow.
  • Bug in Zeta Gundam: Sometimes stays in the flying state under certain conditions when "Transform" is performed.
  • Bug in DOM Trooper: The sound of "Giga Launcher DR1 Multiplex (live ammunition)" is different from the original sound.
  • Bug where bullets would sometimes not fly in the target direction when performing certain attacks while in close contact with a wall.
  • Bug in DOM Trooper: The target UI of "Armor Gun" is displayed when using "Screaming Nimbus" even though it cannot be used.
  • Bug in Gundam Barbatos: An issue where the Auto Repair does not stop when using the skill "Mace (Smash)".
  • Bug in Gundam Heavyarms Custom [EW]: The cooldown would occur again if certain steps were taken after using the "Moonsault".
  • Bug in the translation of invitation notifications for custom matches in the PC version.
  • An issue on the PC version where the main weapon may become unusable when the "Cracker" of the Zaku II [Ranged] is canceled under certain conditions.

For details on the currently confirmed problems, please refer to the ""Issues"" page.
If you still find any of the above problems after the fixes, please report them via the ""Contact Us"" page.

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