Commencement of EVO Coin Sales

  • PC

This is notification that EVO Coins will be available for purchase in GUNDAM EVOLUTION from the following date.

GUNDAM EVOLUTION officially commences service on September 21st at 7:00PM PST. We intend to enable in-game purchases once stable use of the service has been confirmed, and thus will launch EVO Coin sales on September 23rd at 7:00PM PST.

Please note that in-game purchase of EVO Coins will be unavailable until this sales launch date.
Subsequently, the following content requiring EVO Coins is scheduled to be made available concurrent to the sales launch.  

・Unit Unlocks (unlocks that use in-game "CP" currency will already be available)
・EC Pods
・Item Sets
・Upgrades to Premium Pass

We apologize to everyone waiting to enjoy these features, and ask for your patience until sales commence.
*The EVO Coin sales launch date may change depending on circumstances.  

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*Content still in development.

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