Season 1 Sortie Release Notes

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  GUNDAM EVOLUTION kicks off with its inaugural Season 1 Sortie from 9/21/2022 7:00PM PDT!

We'll be introducing many elements from Season 1 here.

Season 1 Sortie Period

  9/21/2022 7:00PM PDT - 11/29/2022 4:59PM PST

*The period may change due to circumstances.


On top of the 12 base units in GUNDAM EVOLUTION, there are two additional units, Marasai [UC] and Gundam Exia, as well as new units for Season 1: Unicorn Gundam, Mahiroo, and Zaku II [Melee Loadout], bringing the total to 17 units available for battle.

See the [Units] page on the official website for more details on each.


There are 10 playable maps in Season 1 Sortie that will be randomly chosen for both ranked and casual matches.

Map List

Mode: Point Capture

Missile Base

Flak Fort

Canyon Base

Harbor City

Mode: Domination

Thermal Plant

Lunar Comm Station

Mountain R&D Lab

Mode: Destruction

Underground Command Center


Ministry of Defense

Game Modes

There are four playable modes in GUNDAM EVOLUTION--the three types of matches and a practice mode.

■ Ranked Match

A mode where your rating, which reflects your skill, is affected by match results and determines your rank.
The goal for each season (about 2 months long) is to aim for higher ranks. Requirements must be met in order to play.  

■ Casual Match

Enjoy GUNDAM EVOLUTION without affecting your rating. Anyone can join these matches.

■ Custom Match

A player can create a room and customize the players and map.
There must be at least one player on each team to play.  

■ Practice

Learn basic controls and unit abilities in a practice range for solo play.

Season 1 Ranked Matches

■Rating and Rank

  In Ranked Matches, Rating, which reflects a player's ability, fluctuates according to match results and determines your Rank.

  There are seven ranks from Bronze to Newtype, and there are subdivisions within ranks (Ⅰ-Ⅳ) known as tiers.

Anyone who reaches Master Rank will only show their rating, and the top 600 players will achieve the Newtype rank.
*There may be a slight delay updating ratings such as Newtype and actual rank.

■ Ranked Rewards & Season Reset

At the start of a new season, players will receive rewards and titles based on the previous season's final rank and tier.

Ranks are reset for new seasons, and players will restart from a rank based on the previous season's results.

■ Ranked Match Requirements

To join a ranked match, one of the following must be met.

  • Player Level 20 has been reached.
  • A Season Pass has been upgraded to a Premium Pass during the running season.

To celebrate the start of Season 1, a Bonus EXP event will be held for all matchmaking games.

Official Launch Celebration

Event Period: During Season 1 Sortie

There will be an in-game event to commemorate the service going live.

EXP points are boosted, making it easier to gain Player Levels.
The increased amount differs based on result items.

Result item

award condition


during event

Match EXP (Victory)

For Victory



Match EXP

For Loss/Draw




For MVP Awarded



First Daily Victory

For First Victory (once per day)



Ranked Matches can be joined once a player reaches Player Level 20, so take this opportunity to get there fast.

Season Pass

■ What is a Season Pass?

All players in GUNDAM EVOLUTION will have a Season Pass corresponding to the season.
By completing requirements such as playing matches and completing challenges, you can increase your Season Pass Level by gaining enough Season Pass EXP. Rewards will be given based on your level.  

A Season Pass may be upgraded to a Premium Pass by using EVO Coins. Extra rewards are offered for levels achieved with a Premium Pass.

■ Season 1 Season Pass Period

During Season 1 Sortie

■ About Season 1 Season Pass Rewards

Season 1 Season Pass Premium Pass include many rewards including the legendary unit skin "Mystic Horn" for Unicorn Gundam, up to 990 EVO coins, and other customization items.

See the [Season Pass] page on the official website for details on rewards and content.

*EVO Coins, which are needed to upgrade to a Premium Pass, will become available at 9/23/2022 7:00PM PDT.


There are various challenges that offer rewards once they are completed. There are three types which include Daily, Weekly, and Beginner's Challenges.

■ Daily Challenges

There is a fixed daily challenge of "Win 1 Match" as well as other random challenges. Complete them to earn rewards.
There are up to three challenges a day, and one of them is only available to Premium Pass players.  

▼ Update Time

6:00PM PDT/5:00PM PST Daily

■ Weekly Challenges

Random challenges are presented to players every week, and they can earn rewards by completing them.

There are up to six challenges a week, and three of them are only available to Premium Pass players.

▼ Update Time

7:00PM PDT/6:00 PST Every Wednesday

■ Beginner's Challenges

All players can complete these challenges at any time, and rewards may only be claimed once per challenge.
There are several sheets, and all challenges on a sheet must be completed to unlock the next sheet.  

Complete Beginner's Challenges to unlock units, earn Capital Points, get tickets for Supply Pods, and complete all challenges on a sheet to receive customization items and Supply Pod Tickets. We highly recommend all new players to complete these challenges.

Supply Pods

■ What are Supply Pods?

Open these to get random custom parts.
You can get supply pods by using the specified in-game currency such as EVO Coins, Capital Points, and Supply Pod Tickets.  

■ EC Pod Sortie

EC Pod Sortie offers exclusive items such as the unit/weapon skin "Neon Light" for Unicorn Gundam, unit/weapon skin "Raging Sylph" for Zaku II [Ranged Loadout] and other customization items!

■ Sales Period

9/21/2022 7:00PM - 10/26/2022 5:59PM PDT

*Sales periods may change due to circumstances.

■ Exclusive Items Overview:

▼ Unit Skin
・"Neon Light" Unicorn Gundam
・"Raging Slyph" Zaku II [Ranged Loadout]  

▼ Weapon Skin
・"Neon Light" Unicorn Gundam
・"Raging Slyph" Zaku II [Ranged Loadout]    

・"Symbol of Hope" Unicorn Gundam

▼ Emote
・"Let's go!" Unicorn Gundam

▼ Portrait
・"Deploy Shield Funnels!" Unicorn Gundam

*Exclusive Items may reappear in the future.

■ EC Pods 

EC Pods feature multiple items such as Unit/Weapon Skin "Dragon Slayer" for Gundam Barbatos and、Unit/Weapon Skin "Sagittarius" for GM Sniper II!

▼ Sales Period

  9/21/2022 7:00PM - 10/26/2022 5:59PM PDT

*Sales periods may change due to circumstances.

▼ Some Featured Items Overview:

▼ Unit Skin
・"Dragon Slayer" Gundam Barbatos
・"Sagittarius" GM Sniper II  

▼ Weapon Skin
・"Dragon Slayer" Gundam Barbatos
・"Sagittarius" GM Sniper II  

▼ Stamp
・"Pixel: Marasai [UC]"

▼ Player Icon

▼ Portrait

*See here for explanations and important notes regarding EC Pods.
*EVO Coins, which are needed to open an EC Pod, will become available at 9/23/2022 7:00PM PDT.

■ Other Supply Pods

CAP Pods, which require Capital Points, and Ticket Pods, which require specific tickets, are some of the other pods in the game.

■ Dedicated Exchange Items for Material Points (MP)

▼ What are Material Points (MP)?

When opening supply pods, you will receive Material Points for any items you get but already own.
Collect enough Material Points to exchange for customization items(*) for each unit on the Customization Page.  
The amount of Material Points needed for customization items differ by the item.

* Some customization items may not be exchanged for Material Points.

▼ Dedicated Material Point Exchange Items

The following customization items may only be acquired using Material Points.
The dates and times they are available for exchange will be set, and new items will replace them after that period.

 Unit Skin
"G-3 Gundam"

Unit Skin
"Char's Zaku IIS"
Zaku II [Ranged]  

▼ Exchange Period

 9/21/2022 7:00PM - 11/29/2022 4:59PM PST

*The period may change due to circumstances.
*Available items may reappear in the future after the period ends.

Item Sets

You can purchase Item Sets at the Shop with EVO Coins, which include sets [DX Edition] and [Abyss Guardian] at the start of service.

■ DX Edition

This value set unlocks the units Unicorn Gundam, Gundam Exia, Zaku II [Melee Loadout], Marasai [UC], and Mahiroo along with 9 other customization items.

▼ Cost


▼ Sales Period

  From 9/21/2022 7:00PM PDT

*A notice will be sent prior to the end of availability.

▼ Contents

■ Unit Unlock (5 units)

・Unicorn Gundam
・Gundam Exia
・Marasai [UC]
・Zaku II [Melee Loadout]

■ Customization Items (9 total)

▼ Unit Skin
・Shinobi (Gundam Exia)
・Kabuki (Marasai [UC])
・Shogun (Zaku II [Melee Loadout])
・Onmyoji (Mahiroo)  

▼ Weapon Skin
・Windmill (Gundam Exia)
・Peerless (Marasai [UC])
・Mount Crusher (Zaku II [Melee Loadout])
・Moonlight (Mahiroo)  

▼ Ornament
"Haro (Shinobi)"  

■ Notes of Attention

The "DX Edition" contains unit unlocks.
Note that if you purchase it and have already unlocked one or more of the included units, there will be no substitute items nor points granted.  

■ Abyss Guardian

Sets that includes legendary skins for the base 12 units.
Three sets (A-C) that cover 4 units each.
To commemorate the official launch of the game, these sets will be offered at a discount for a limited time.  

▼ Cost

One Set: 8,000 EC (Normal) → 3,480 EC (Discounted)

▼ Sales/Discount Period

Discount Period will be from 9/21/2022 7:00PM - 3/1/2023 4:59PM PST
Regular Sales Period will resume from 3/1/2023 5:00PM PST  

*The above sales period may change due to unavoidable circumstances.
*If sales are to end, a notice will be sent beforehand.  

▼ Contents

“Abyss Guardian” A

▼ Unit Skin
・"Tragic Feather" Gundam
・"Buster Fangs" Gundam Barbatos
・"Storm Raven" GM Sniper II
・"Raptor Volcano" Methuss  

“Abyss Guardian” B

▼ Unit Skin
・"Nightmare" Pale Rider
・"Reincarnation" Turn A Gundam
・"Tiger Blow" GM
・"Wild Shark" Guntank  

“Abyss Guardian” C

▼ Unit Skin
・"Thunder Serpent" Zaku II [Ranged Loadout]
・"Blues Force" Sazabi
・"Blazing Cerberus" Dom Trooper
・"Evil Flame" Asshimar  

About Confirmed Issues

Check the following Issues/Defects List page for issues that have been confirmed.

To News List

*Content still in development.

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