GUNDAM EVOLUTION Anti-Cheat Measures

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Thank you for playing GUNDAM EVOLUTION!

In order to provide a healthy gameplay experience for all GUNDAM EVOLUTION players, we are considering appropriate measures and legal action against cheaters and other users.

Regarding Cheating

The development team has an anti-cheat team in place working around the clock.
In addition to current anti-cheat measures, we will continue to implement additional measures and technical modifications to improve detection.
The in-game report function also helps us improve the game environment. We ask for your continued cooperation in reporting any players you suspect are cheating.

Cheat Tool Sales and Use

We have received a number of feedback regarding the sales and use of cheating tools. Once again, we would like to thank you all.

We are investigating every report we have received.
We are considering legal action against distributors and users of tools, such as filing a cease-and-desist and demanding compensation for damages.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please continue to report any further cheating activities through the "Report Player" function in the game.  

We will continue to update our countermeasures on a daily basis, aiming to create a safe playing environment for everyone.

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