"Season 1 Sortie" Patch Notes[Updated 10/26 22:00 PDT]

  • PC

Balance Changes

We will be making balance changes to each unit based on our data and your feedback.
We'll cover those changes in detail in the following post.  

■ "Season 1 Sortie" October Balance Patch

We will be implementing periodic balance changes in an effort to create a healthy and fun gameplay experience.

Challenges[Updated 10/26]

Adjusting Beginner's Challenges

We will be making changes to Beginner's Challenges as follows.

  • We're changing all "Log in to the game for X days." challenges to "1 day".
    For any players with progress in a current log in challenge, the challenge will become 0/1 day after the maintenance. We ask for your understanding.
  • "Log in to the game for X days." challenges will be changed to match the reset counter for other challenges at 6:00PM PDT/5:00 PST.
  • Casual Match related challenges will be changed to be in "Casual or Ranked Matches".  

Supply Pod

Limited EC Pod

New items include the legendary skins ""Blue Stinger"" for Gundam and ""Overlimit"" for Zaku II [Melee], as well as well as the legendary portrait "RX-78-2 Gundam"!

Sales Period

After the 10/26 Maintenance until 11/29 4:59PM
*Sales period may change due to circumstances.  

Some of the New Items Added

▼ Unit Skins
"Blue Stinger" (Gundam)
"Overlimit" (Zaku II [Melee])"

▼ Weapon Skins
"Blue Stinger" (Gundam)
"Overlimit" (Zaku II [Melee])"

"No Escape" (Gundam Barbatos)
"TRANS-AM!" (Gundam Exia)

▼ Emotes
"Let’s go!" (Gundam)

▼ Portrait
"RX-78-2 Gundam"

▼ Stamp
"I’ll give it my best!"

"Haro Charm"

*Limited-Time items may reappear in the future.  

EC Pods

The legendary skins ""Grim Reaper"" for Pale Rider and ""Gold Chariot"" for Guntank are newly featured.

Sales Period

After the 10/26 Maintenance until 11/29 4:59PM
*Sales period may change due to circumstances.  

Some Featured Items

▼ Unit Skins
"Grim Reaper" (Pale Rider)
"Gold Chariot" (Guntank)

▼ Weapon Skin
"Grim Reaper" (Pale Rider)  

▼ Portrait

▼ Player Icons
"Gundam Barbatos (Pixel)"

"Jump Roping Marasai"

Other Supply Pod Updates

CAP Pods and Ticket Pods are also renewed, so check the ""Item appearance rate"" in-game to see details.

Notes of Attention

  • See here for a guide and notes of attention regarding EC Pods and featured items.
  • Some Supply Pods may contain featured items.
    Featured items have a higher chance to appear than other items of the same rarity and category.
    For details on probability, check the featured section of ""Item Provisions"" on the Supply Pod page in game.  
  • The following items will no longer appear in the "Limited EC Pod" after the 10/27 update.
    ▼ Unit Skins
    "Neon Light"(Unicorn Gundam)
    "Raging Sylph"(Zaku II [Ranged])
    "Doom Order Soldier"(Marasai [UC])
    "Doom Order General"(Zaku II [Melee])

    Weapon Skin
    "Neon Light"(Unicorn Gundam)
    "Raging Sylph"(Zaku II [Ranged])
    "Doom Order Soldier"(Marasai [UC])
    "Doom Order General"(Zaku II [Melee])  

    "Symbol of Hope"(Unicorn Gundam)

    ▼ Emotes
    "Let’s go!"(Unicorn Gundam)
    "Pose"(Marasai [UC])

    "Deploy Shield Funnels!"
    "Unicorn Gundam"

    ▼ Player Icons
    "Unicorn Gundam (Pixel)"
    "GM (Pixel)"
    "Haro (Lg)"
    "Zaku II [Ranged] (Large)"
    "Blue Glow"
    "Orange Glow"
    "Pink Glow"

    ▼ Stamps
    "Unicorn Gundam (Pixel)"
    "Level Up!"
    "Sayla Mass"
    "Amuro Ray"

    ▼ Ornaments
    "Unicorn Gundam Silver Charm"
    "Gundam Bronze Charm"

    *The items may possibly reappear in the future.

""Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury"" Broadcast Campaign

A campaign is now underway to celebrate the broadcast of ""Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury""!

Campaign Period

After the 10/26 Maintenance until 12/28/2022 4:59PM
See here for details about the campaign.

Bug Corrections

  • Implementation of server optimization as response to rare cases of lag that occur during game play.
    We will continue to monitor the progress of this measure after its implementation in order to make improvements.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the use of the Main Action after being recovered.
  • Fixed a bug that under certain conditions, units may continue to float in the air when hit by Marasai [UC]'s "Sea Snake (Ensnare)".
  • Fixed a bug that the unit's attack may not hit the target unit under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that when using the G maneuver "Alaya-Vijnana System" of "Gundam Barbatos", the attack may not occur in the direction of the reticle. 
  • Fixed a bug in which inactivity would lead to a forced exit during the tutorial.
  • Fixed the issue where you cannot rejoin a custom match after disconnecting.
  • Fixed the issue where some units could not complete the "critical hit kill" challenges.
  • Fixed the name for the Zaku II [Ranged] skin "Ocean Camo" to "Marine Camo".
  • Fixed the issue for GM Sniper II where the weapon skin names "Flare Incite" and "Wave Incite" were reversed.
  • Fixed the issue where black bars were appearing for the select animation "Deploying Gundam!" for Gundam on some resolutions.
  • Fixed the issue where sound effects were muted after checking MVP intros on the Item appearance rate screen for Supply Pods.
  • Fixed the issue where the light from Supply Pods is white despite the rarity of items contained.
  • Fixed various typos and in-game text.

For details on the currently confirmed issues, please refer to the "Issues" list.
If you run into any of the aforementioned issues after the fix, we kindly ask you to inform us through the "Contact" page.  

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