Aim Assist

In GUNDAM EVOLUTION, aim assist is available for console players using a controller.
Aim Assist is a function that makes it easier to line up your reticle on enemy units, and the sensitivity settings can be adjusted.

Basic Settings & Advanced Settings

When using aim assist, you can choose basic or advanced settings.

Basic Settings

Skip all custom settings and use a preset configuration.

*Recommended for those unfamiliar with custom configuration.

Advanced Settings

For players that want to customize settings to their preference.
The following can be adjusted freely.

View Friction

  • ・A function that slows down the viewpoint speed when the reticle is on an enemy unit.
  • ・This feature makes it hard for your camera movement to dislodge the reticle from an enemy, and its "strength" and "range" can be adjusted.
  • ・The higher the strength, the harder it will be to remove your reticle from an enemy. However, it may get in the way of switching targets quickly when there are multiple opponents in your view.


  • ・If View Friction is enabled, this function changes the deceleration of your viewpoint movement.
  • ・You can customize the strength of view friction for when your reticle is centered and not targeting an enemy unit.
  • ・The stronger this is, the easier it will become to lock onto an enemy, but the relative weakness of the non-target area makes it easier to lose your tracking.
    Conversely, keeping both strengths the same makes it difficult to lock onto an enemy, but it will be easier to track.

Feet Rotation

  • ・A function controls how easy it is to track an enemy when strafing.
  • ・This feature makes it more difficult to lose track of a targeted enemy by keeping your camera on them while strafing, and its "strength" and "range" can be adjusted.
  • ・The higher this is, the harder it is to lose a targeted enemy, but it may also cause you to move towards an unintended target.

Tracking Assist

  • ・A function that automatically moves your reticle to follow an enemy unit's location and movement.
  • ・This feature reduces the discrepancy between the intended and actual behavior because precise tracking for the fine movements of enemies and switching directions with an analog stick for sudden movements are difficult due to the hardware limitations of a controller.
  • ・The higher this is, the harder it is to lose a targeted enemy, but it may also cause you to lock onto an unintended target.

*Content still in development.

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