Game Mode: Custom Match

Custom Match is a game mode that lets you customize who plays in the match.
Player EXP and Season Pass EXP are not earned in this mode. Furthermore, match results do not affect your Rating, completion of challenges, or battle records.

Participation Requirements

To participate, become Room Leader and create a room or search for a room via Room ID and join it.
However, both teams must have 1 or more players before a match can begin.

Room Settings

The Room Leader can freely adjust the rules and maps as well as other settings for match regulation.

Room Leader

The Room Leader can click on any other player to "Assign as Room Leader" or "Kick from Room."

Standby Room Actions

If you sign up for a custom match and return to the Standby Room, actions such as Customize Unit are available. However, the following are not available.
・Ranked Match
・Casual Match
・Purchase EVO Coins

*Content still in development.