Game Mode: Custom Match

Custom Matches allow you to play against other players of your choice on any map.
Player EXP and Season Pass EXP are not earned in this mode. Furthermore, match results do not affect your Rating, completion of challenges, or battle records.


There must be at least one player on each team for the match to begin.
You can become a Room Master and create a room, or enter a Room ID to join a custom match.

Creating/Joining a Room

From Home, press [Custom Match] to create or join a custom match room.
To become a Room Master and create a custom match, press [Create].
To join a room created by another player, enter the Room ID and press [Join].

Room Leader

In the standby room, the Room Master can change who attacks and defends as well as room settings until the match begins.
They can also click on another player to "Assign as Room Leader" or "Kick from Room".

Room Settings

The Room Leader can freely adjust the rules and maps as well as other settings for match regulation.

Spectator Slots

This feature allows spectators to watch custom match gameplay without playing to facilitate practice and communication.
If the option "Allow participating players to change slot" is ON, all players can move to other slots on their own.
You can also configure the number of spectators in Room Settings.

Spectate Controls

Check the following for spectate controls used in a custom match.
Control Option Control Key (Mouse) Control Key (Controller) Control Details
Camera Controls: Control View Move Mouse Right Joystick Change the camera direction
Camera Controls: Go Forward [W] Left Joystick Camera Forward
Camera Controls: Go Back [S] Left Joystick Camera Back
Camera Controls: Go Left [A] Left Joystick Camera Left
Camera Controls: Go Right [D] Left Joystick Camera Right
Camera Controls: Ascend [E] RT Camera Ascend
Camera Controls: Descend [Q] LT Camera Descend
Change Perspective [SPACE] A Toggle "First Person View" and "Third Person View"
Focus on Chosen Player [F1]~[F12] None Focus on the perspective of player corresponding to each button.

*Does not function when players are selecting units.

Focus on Previous Player [Z] Left Directional Key Swaps focus to the previous player
Focus on Next Player [X] Right Directional Key Swap focus to the next player
Focus on player on reticle Right Click RB Right click and focus on player where reticle is placed.

*Does not function for coach slots.

Lock-on player on reticle Left Click LB Click to lock-on player where reticle is placed (camera centers on player).

*Does not function for coach slots.

Life Meter Display [H] B Player Name and Life (Shield) Show/Hide meter.
UI Display Toggle [N] None Show/Hide all HUD in game.

*The above are operational controls for the PC version.

*View controls for the PS and Xbox versions in the game's Options Menu > Settings > Control Settings > Spectate.

Coach Slots

A feature that allows a coach to spectate their team members in real time during team practice.
If this is set to ON, the "Coach Slot" will be unlocked and they can spectate the team they are assigned to.

Pause Game

A feature that pauses the game when desired.
If this is set to ON, the game can be paused from the Options Menu.

Things you cannot do in the Standby Room

If you sign up for a custom match and return to the Standby Room, actions such as Customize Unit are available. However, the following are not available.
・Ranked Match
・Casual Match
・Purchase EVO Coins

*Content still in development.

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