Rules [Domination]

In Domination, teams fight to control 3 Objectives that are unlocked randomly.
Teams will try to capture the unlocked objective.
After a certain amount of time has elapsed, the Objective to be captured will change.
Each Match lasts up to 3 rounds.
The round ends either when one team's Capture Percentage reaches 100% or the Time Limit expires.

*The above map is for illustrative purposes only. Actual map may vary.

Capturing Objectives & Capture Rate

When units from any given team get near enough to an Objective, Capture will start.
Staying close to the Objective will fill up the Suppression Meter. When the Suppression Meter fills up completely, the Objective will be captured.
If a unit from the Enemy team approaches the Objective while your team is trying to capture it, the Suppression Meter will stop filling, and the Area will become "contested".
Capturing an Area
Contesting an Area
Keeping an Objective secured will raise your team's Capture Rate.
Increasing your Capture Rate
The team whose Capture Rate gets reaches 100%, or whose Capture Rate is the highest by the time the Time Limit expires, wins that round, and will receive additional points.


If certain conditions are met by the time the Time Limit expires, the Match will go into Extra Time, and the round will continue.

Victory Conditions

The first team to win two rounds wins the Match.

*Content still in development.

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