Forming Parties

Gameplay for GUNDAM EVOLUTION involves forming parties with other players.

Party Formation

Select players who you would like to form a party with by going to ""Friends"" on the Home screen, and then ""Invite to Party"".
Invitations can be sent from PC players to console players and vice versa.
Players who receive the invite will be added to your party if they join.

Image shown is for the PC Version.

*All players in your party can send out party invitations.

*"Tutorial" cannot be started when you are in a party.

*You cannot invite players who are currently in a battle.

*You cannot party up with players who are playing in a different region.

Role of Party Leader

Only the Party Leader can select the game more or remove Party Members.
Setting team roles and removing members can be set via the Party Member's icon located at the top right corner of the Home screen.

*Content still in development.

This title is free-to-play. Hop on your platform of choice and plunge headlong into the fracas!