About Leaver Penalty

If you leave a ranked or casual match and do not return, a leaver penalty will be enforced.

Warning Dialog when Leaving

Ranked Match
Casual Match

Leaver Penalty Waiver

The Leaver Penalty is waived in a match under the following conditions.
・If you left the game due to some trouble and logged back in during the grace period but the match ended
・If other members leave after a leaver's grace period ended or the match automatically ends as a no contest
Even if you are waived from leaver penalties, your rating will be affected by match results.

Leaver Penalty Details

There are up to three penalties that may be issued based on the type of match a player leaves.
・Disabled Match Period
・Loss of Rating (Ranked Match only)
・Result Rewards from Season Pass EXP becomes unavailable

Penalty for Leaving a Casual Match

Disabled Match Period Loss of Rating Unavailable Result Rewards
Occurrence - Occurrence

Penalty for Leaving a Ranked Match

Disabled Match Period Loss of Rating Unavailable Result Rewards
Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence

*Disabled match period and rating change will increase with the number of times a player incurs penalties.

Leaver Penalty Issue

When a leaver penalty is issued, you will receive the following notification.
After Leaving a Ranked Match
After Leaving a Casual Match

Home Screen During Leaver Penalty

You cannot join a match until the match you left has ended, and the Leaver Penalty goes into effect when the match ends.
If a Match Ends After Leaving

Rating Change from Leaving Mid-Game

When playing ranked matches, there is a rating penalty incurred as a leaver's penalty, and the match you left will also affect your rating according to the results.
If the match ends in a loss, you will lose more rating points than usual.

Rating Change for Other Players in a Match with a Leaver

If a team has a leaver, the remaining players will not lose as much rating points as usual if defeated.
However, anyone partied with the leaver will lose the usual amount of rating points if defeated.

Note of Attention

  • ・Players who intentionally leave matches repeatedly will be subject to Disciplinary Measures instead of a leaver penalty.

*Content still in development.

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