Player Info Customization

In Gundam Evolution, you can customize aspects such as your player icon when you play.

Selecting the Customization Menu

From Player in the home screen, select what you want to customize to move to the respective settings screens.

Online Status/Share Player Info

By selecting Online Status and Share Player Info from the Player Info screen, you can change the data visible to other players.

Online Status

Displayed Info:
・Show as Offline

Player Info Privacy

Displayed Info:

Player Icon Customization

You can change the icon by selecting it from the ones in your Player Icon List.

Portrait Customization

You can change the displayed portrait at the beginning of a match by selecting it from the ones in your Portrait List.

Locked Items

There are various ways to unlock Unit Customization Items marked by a lock icon. However, you can also spend Material Points (MP) to unlock them.

*Some items are only available for a limited time and may not be unlocked.

Material Points are earned when Supply Drops contain items you have already unlocked.

*Content still in development.