Rules [Point Capture]

In Point Capture, players are divided into Attacker and Defender teams, then proceed to fight for control of the Objective.
Attackers' aim to take control of the Objective before the Time Limit expires, while the Defenders' mission is to protect them.

Each Match has two rounds. At the end of the first round, players will switch sides.
By taking control of Objective A in Area 1, Attackers will unlock Area 2, which contains Objective B. When this happens, the location of their Sortie Zone will change.
The round ends either when both Objectives are captured by the Attackers, or when the Time Limit expires with the Defenders having successfully held their ground.
Area 1
Area 2

*The above map is for illustrative purposes only. Actual map may vary.

Capturing Objectives

When units from the Attacker team get near enough to an Objective, Capture will start.
Staying close to the Objective will fill up the Suppression Meter. When the Suppression Meter fills up completely, the Objective will be captured.
Having more of the Attacker team's units near the Objective will fill the Suppression Meter faster.
If a unit from the Defender's team approaches the Objective while the Attacker's team is trying to capture it, the Suppression Meter will stop filling, and the Area will become "contested".
Capturing an Area
Contesting an Area
Keeping an Objective secured will raise your team's Suppression Rate.
Your Suppression Rate will not decrease even if there are no units from the Attacker Team inside the Objective area, although your Suppression Meter will.
Increasing your Suppression Rate
Capturing an Objective will grant the Attacker team 1 point.
The Attacker team can get a maximum of 2 points per round.


If certain conditions are met by the time the Time Limit expires, the Match will go into Extra Time, and the round will continue.

Victory Conditions

The team which has gained the most points by the end of all rounds wins.
If both teams have the same number of points, victory will go to the team with the highest Suppression Rate.

Overtime and Draws

・If both teams conquer both Objectives, the Match will go into overtime.
・If both teams have the same amount of points and the same Suppression Rate, the Match will end in a draw.

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