Game Mode: Ranked Match

Ranked Match is the main game mode of Gundam Evolution.
The Rating, which reflects a player's ability, fluctuates according to match results. It also determines Rank and Tier.
Players of higher Rank and Tier can receive better rewards.
The top 600 players who reach Master are awarded the highest honor: Newtype.


Ranked matches are matched according to Rank and Tier.
As such, the higher your Rank and Tier, the tougher the players you'll face.


Ranked matches follow a season system. Each season sees you battle it out for two months.
At the end of the season, you can earn rewards according to the rank you attained.
The days remaining on a season are displayed to the upper right of the Ranked Match button.

Season Reset

When a new season begins, Ratings are reset.
Following the reset, the Rating will be adjusted based on the Rank and Tier at the end of the previous season.

Placement Matches

Every time a season switches over, the first 5 ranked matches will be placement matches.
Your Rating will not be displayed during these matches. It will appear after all 5 matches are completed.

*If you enter a new season before placing, you will start over from the first placement match of the new season.

Participation Requirements

To participate, play casual matches until your player level reaches 20.
You may participate even if your player level is not 20 by upgrading your Season Pass to a Premium Pass, but can only participate while it is valid.

Match Mode

In general, they're chosen at random from all of the modes (maps) playable in Gundam Evolution.

Leaver Penalty

The following leaver penalties are incurred upon leaving an ongoing ranked match and not rejoining.

Leaver Penalties

・Rating loss (ranked match only)
・Receive a temporary ban from battle.
The following situations will not trigger leaver penalties.
・Rejoining the match after leaving due to becoming disconnected from the internet.
・Leaving during the animation played after the match has finished.
・Leaving a No Contest a match.

*Content still in development.