Supply Pods

You can get random customization items from Supply Pods, such as Unit Skins, Weapons Skins, and Player Icons.
Certain items are required to open Supply Pods, such as EVO Coins, Capital, and specific tickets.

Types of Supply Pods

EC Pod
EC Pod Limited
Use EVO Coins to open Supply Drops.
Each Supply Drop costs 180 EC and includes three items picked from a preset pool.
For details, please consult the entry "Supply Drop Items and Drop Rates."
EC Pod Limited are EC Pods that can only be purchased at certain times and have exclusive items available as part of their lineup.

*Exclusive items may reappear in the future.

*Sales of Limited EC Pods will end with the maintenance on July 26, 2023.

Ticket Pod
These Supply Pods can be opened by using specific tickets.
1 ticket is required to open them each time, and supply drops yield 3 items.
Each kind of ticket can be used only with the corresponding Supply Pod.
These Supply Pods can be opened by spending Capital.
360 CAP is required to open them each time, and supply drops yield 3 items.

Available Supply Pod Items and Drop Rates

Items featured in the Supply Pods have one of the following four rarity levels: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Normal.
Item lineups, rarity levels, and drop rates are different for each Supply Pod.
Please check each Supply Pod's in-game for details.

Featured Items

Some Supply Pods may contain featured items.
Featured items have a higher chance to appear than other items of the same rarity and category.

Already Unlocked Supply Pods & Supply Drop items

Supply Pods may grant items that have already been unlocked. Such items will display in the lineup screen for each Supply Pod's details.
Should a Supply Pod drop an item which is already in your possession, it will be converted into Material Points (MP). The amount of Material Points gained depends on the rarity level of the duplicate item.
Rarity MP Value
Legendary 200
Epic 100
Rare 50
Normal 5

*The obtainable amount as stated above may differ between events or other conditions.

Material Points can be used to unlock a variety of customization items.

Other Notes About Supply Pods

  • ・Supply Pods may contain duplicate items.
  • ・Items obtained from Supply Pods can be checked from your pick-up history in the Player Menu.
  • ・Supply Pod availability and sale periods may be subject to changes without notice.
  • ・The end of sales for Supply Pods without a set closing date may be announced beforehand.
  • ・The drop rate for each item is rounded off at the fifth decimal place, so adding them all up may not total 100%.
  • ・A 1% drop rate does not mean an item will drop once every a hundred times.
  • ・Supply Pod drop rates do not change in relation to the player's rating or the number of times they are opened.
  • ・The equipment shown on playable units in custom MVP intros may differ from their in-game appearance. Please note that video features are for visual effect only.
  • ・For details about the Supply Pod campaigns, please check the relevant in-game notices.
  • ・Some of the images on this page represent content still under development, which may be changed in the official release.

*Content still in development.

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