Season Featured Items

Here we introduce add-on content available starting Season 1 from September 2022.

See the following for October update information.

October Update Released

New Units
Unicorn Gundam & Zaku II [Melee] & Mahiroo

Unicorn Gundam with AoE passive and active buffs;
Zaku II [Melee] with superior durability and melee power to penetrate shields;
and Mahiroo, with atypical tactics to confuse the front line are all here!

New Maps

New maps appear for each mode!
Harbor City added as a new location along with a new gimmick that lets you throw your enemies into the sea.

  • Point Capture

    Harbor City
  • Point Capture

    Canyon Base
  • Domination

    Mountain R&D Lab
  • Destruction

    Ministry of Defense

Ranked Match

Unlock Ranked Match to up your rating and aim to be the best of the best!
Do you have what it takes to vie for the highest rank Newtype?

*Certain conditions must be met to unlock Ranked Match.
See the Gameplay Guide for details.

Supply Pods

Use EVO Coins at the Shop to open various EC Pods.

EC Pod Sortie 1 arrives at the start of Season 1,
offering access to exclusive items for Unicorn Gundam and Zaku II [Ranged].

The lineup for "EC Pod Sortie" has been renewed with the October Update.
Customization items for the above pictured Unicorn Gundam and Zaku II [Ranged] are not currently available.
For details, check [October Update Info].
October Update Info

*Exclusive Items may reappear in the future.

Use EVO Coins at the Shop to purchase a range of item sets.

The DX Edition and Abyss Guardian item sets make their appearance in Season 1.

DX contains five unit unlocks (including Unicorn Gundam),
as well as nine customization items with unit skins, weapon skins and, ornaments.


Abyss Guardian comes in three types, each letting you obtain four legendary unit skins.


*Content still in development.

This title is free-to-play. Hop on your platform of choice and plunge headlong into the fracas!