Season 3: Pick Up

Introducing the new add-on content available in Season 3.

New Unit "Hyperion Gundam"

Hyperion Gundam joins the fray, specializing in defensive abilities like shields and barriers to sustain the frontline.

Season 3 Defencer
Launch Balance Patch

We will be implementing periodic balance changes in an effort to create a healthy and fun gameplay experience.

Following up on the balance patch in late December, we will be making changes to units based on our data and your feedback.

Check the following for details of the balance patch.

Ranked Match

Unlock Ranked Match to up your rating and aim to be the best of the best!

When the season ends, you can acquire a ""title"" as a reward for your final rating.
(The below image is an example. The design may change by the season.)


  1. Gold I

  2. Platinum I

  3. Diamond I

  4. Master

  5. Newtype

Rank and Tier

  1. Bronze


  2. Silver


  3. Gold


  4. Platinum


  5. Diamond


  6. Master


  7. Newtype

    The top 600 players who reach the master rank are promoted

*Certain conditions must be met to unlock Ranked Match. See the Gameplay Guide for details.

Supply Pods

Use EVO Coins at the Shop to open various EC Pods.

EC Pod Defencer arrives in Limited EC Pods at the start of Season 3.
Gain access to exclusive custom items for units such as Hyperion Gundam and GM.

Legendary Items

*Exclusive Items may reappear in the future.

Material Point Exchange Items

The following custom items can be acquired with Material Points in Season 3.

Item Sets

Use EVO Coins at the Shop to purchase a range of item sets.
Unit Pack "Defencer" is a new item set in Season 3.

It includes a unit unlock for Hyperion Gundam, and one unit skin, weapon skin, portrait, and custom item each.

See release notes for details on event period and changes for content.

*Content still in development.

This title is free-to-play. Hop on your platform of choice and plunge headlong into the fracas!