Season 4: Pick Up

Here we introduce add-on content available in Season 4 "BALLISTA".

New Unit "Gundam Dynames"

Introducing Gundam Dynames which has the ability to use two main weapons and battle in different ranges.

New Map: Buried City

A new map is coming with Season 4!

Buried City is being added as a new location.
The much anticipated new mode ""Headquarters"" is also coming!

Access the Gameplay Guide and view Headquarters to learn about the new mode.

Implementation of Achievements

An in-game achievement functionality will be implemented with Season 4.

Achievements allow you to earn a variety of rewards by completing objectives during gameplay.

Balance Patch

We will be implementing periodic balance changes in an effort to create a healthy and fun gameplay experience.

Following up on the balance patch released on March 4, we will be making changes to units based on our data and your feedback.

Check the following for details of the balance patch.

EC Pods

Use EVO Coins at the Shop to open various EC Pods.

Get limited-time customization items for „Gundam Dynames“ and „Pale Rider“ from EC Pods in Season 4 BALLISTA.
EC Pods contain updated featured items. Be sure to check them out!

5/24 Additional Notes

The lineup for "EC Pod Limited" has been renewed with the May Update.
Customization items for the above pictured „Gundam Dynames“ and „Pale Rider“ are not currently available.

For details, check [May Update Info].
May Update Info

Legendary Items

*Exclusive Items may reappear in the future.

Material Point Exchange Items

The following custom items can be acquired with Material Points in Season 4.

Item Shop

The Item Shop lets you spend EVO Coins to purchase a variety of items.
Season 4 will bring new items you will be able to buy.

player icon

Item Packs will see the addition of Unit Pack "BALLISTA" and Item Pack "Platinum",
as well as the return of some item packs sold in the past.

Unit Pack "BALLISTA" includes a unit unlock for Gundam Dynames,
and one unit skin, weapon skin, portrait, and custom item each.

Item Pack "Platinum" comes in three types: A, B, and C.
You can get the corresponding unit and weapon skin as a set.

See release notes for details on event period and changes for content.

*Content still in development.

This title is free-to-play. Hop on your platform of choice and plunge headlong into the fracas!