Season 4 BALLISTA:
May Update

Here we will talk about some updates.

Limited-Time Event

Starting from the update on May 24, there will be a limited-time event where special customization items can be obtained.


Period:May 24 5:00PM - June 7 7:59AM

limit over

Get LimitOver Tickets by joining eligible matches.


※LimitOver Supply Pods can be opened with LimitOver Tickets acquired through playing the game.

Event Challenge

(1) Period: June 7 (Wed) 6:00 PM - June 14 (Wed) 5:59 PM (PDT)


(2) Period: June 14 (Wed) 6:00 PM - June 21 (Wed) 5:59 PM (PDT)


(3) Period: June 21 (Wed) 6:00 PM - June 28 (Wed) 5:59 PM (PDT)


During the second half of Season 4, there will be event challenges for three weeks in a row.
Earn awesome rewards such as customization items by completing challenges during the event period.

Season 4 BALLISTA : May Balance Patch

We will be implementing periodic balance changes in an effort to create a healthy and fun gameplay experience.
Following up on the balance patch released on April 8, we will be making changes to units based on our data and your feedback.

Season 4 BALLISTA : May Balance Patch

Check the following for details of the balance patch.

EC Pod

EC Pods will be updated along with the May 24 update.
Limited EC Pods contain new, exclusive customization items and the featured items for EC Pods will also be updated. Be sure to check them out!

Legendary Items

*Exclusive Items may reappear in the future.

Item Shop

Limited-time items will be added to the Item Shop with the update on May 24.


For details on event period and changes, see patch notes.

*Content still in development.

This title is free-to-play. Hop on your platform of choice and plunge headlong into the fracas!