Season 7: Pick Up

Here we introduce add-on content available in Season 7 "LAST SHOOTING".

New Unit "Kämpfer"

Introducing Kämpfer. This is a ranged unit that shows its true worth at mid range when using its superb mobility to raid the enemy.

New Map: 「Space Fortress」

A new map "Space Fortress" is coming with Season 7!

Get onto the battlefield in this new environment and refine your tactics to attain victory!

Familiarize yourself with the new terrain and refine your tactics to attain victory!

Season Pass SEASON 7

The Season Pass for "Season 7 LAST SHOOTING" features exciting cosmetics to acquire
by leveling up through your gameplay!

Level up the season pass to receive awesome rewards, including multiple legendary items.

Season 7 Events

Season 7 will feature in-game events that reward you with new cosmetics.
Play during the event period to earn them all!

Event Challenges

Supply Pods

In Season 7, you can open EC Pod Extra and CAP Pod Extra, which feature tons of cosmetic items for the new unit, Kämpfer.

Use your EVO Coins and Capital earned by playing to obtain items.

Season 7 LAST SHOOTING Balance Patch

We will be implementing periodic balance changes in an effort to create a healthy and fun gameplay experience.

Following up on the balance patch released on September 25, we will be making changes to units based on our data and your feedback.

Check the following for details of the balance patch.

See release notes for details on event period and changes for content.

*Content still in development.

This title is free-to-play. Hop on your platform of choice and plunge headlong into the fracas!